Thursday, June 21, 2007

It's a strange new world!

At Knit in Public day, about two weeks ago, I made new friends. Midi Person, daughter of Storm Op Zolder, just cutesied her way into my heart!

All the girls brought their projects, some of them brought yarn, most of them brought food and a few even brought men. A recipe for a perfect Knit In Public day/BBQ in the park.

I'm still here, still knitting, only not so much posting. My job is asking a lot of me at the moment and so I really need all the relaxation time I can get and that means choosing. Logically I choose knitting over blogging since if there's no knitting done, there's certainly no blogging done.

I hate the fact that it's like this at the moment, that I keep missing out on de S'nB gatherings and seem disconnected from the knitting community. But when it comes to the little sprout in my belly, It's really easy to decide on more relaxation time and less stress.

But just to let you know... I'm really looking forward to maternity leave in 2 months time so I can spent my time fussing over little baby things and knitting and, yes... finally, blogging! I can't wait for all that time. Two months, can you believe it? And only 3 months until wee one gets to get his/her first look of the world. That just takes my breath away.

I'll probably finish the blanket when Wee One is old enough to get his/her driving licence. Oh well, I guess a blanket in a car could come in handy when you're 18 and dating... EEEEW, I didn't go there, I really didn't. Small steps, mommy sas, small steps...
Funny thing though, I started another blanket, the one from the Stitch 'n Bitch book, because I needed something simple. Sometimes I get so tired after work that the patterned blanket seems like the mount Everest; beautiful, but just not so appealing to climb. With this one I can just watch TV while knitting and it keeps me motivated. Being pregnant changes my knitting tactics completely. Normally it would be the other way around, I would be scratching my eyes out if something gets too boring.

It's a strange new world...

Pregnant bellies make for great side tables!

I 'shopped' the picture a bit too much, that weird spot on my belly is a piece of bread...