Monday, September 28, 2009

Sneak Preview

I give you...

SAS Knits It Again
'Home Deco'

A kit suitable for beginners but when finished you'll be beginner-no-more. Fancy an owly cable?

The kit and all other SAS Knits It Again kits and HolyWoly! fair trade yarn will be available from friday the 16th of october at the '
Handwerkbeurs' (needleworks fair) at the SAS Knits It Again/ HolyWoly! booth. We'll be there 16-18 oct. Come see us, we're at booth 155!!
She gave me this beautifull hat when my wee girl was born and now, 6 months later with the season starting she fits it perfectly. Talk about an experienced knitter... How cute can a baby get?
The knitted suit is a SAS Knits It Again original ;-), with pants that fit her now and a cardi that is almost too small. I can use a little more experience myself...

This little garden gnome is also wearing a SAS Knits It Again original. It was a swatch I used to help me prepare for a lesson in Fair Isle knitting (not my favorite technique...) I used a Lions Brand pattern for a christmas tree ornament, a ball, and instead of finishing it as a ball, I decided to knit it as a hat when I saw the size it became. Perfect for my wee boy's head!

I love it when things come together!

(In the Netherlands they've started a campain that warnes the internet user not to give away too much personal information. I've thought about it a long time and decided that I'll have to keep believing in the good will of most people. Blogging without pictures of recognizable faces would be a lot less interesting. But I'm paying a little more attention these days. But don't count on pictures of me in a bathingsuit any time soon!)

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Exit TV

What's missing in this picture, is our TV. We've got rid of it. Not to buy the newest, biggest, flattest new picturebox, but to replace it with things we find worth doing. Like this:

Our grape harvest has turned into juice (no pictures yet). Also, my to do lists are getting shorter and shorter. And that's great because the lists were taking over my head. And they should never do that!

The TV has been gone for almost a month and it's great! If you have doubts, don't, just get rid of it!

More on knitting soon!