Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Holy Grail

This is what I saw after leaving my children behind, 5 hours in the car a couple of hours walking after at least 3 metro switches...

The holy grail... with a fence!

Hey, but I'm not a quitter. A couple of museums, miles in too narrow shoes and the obligatoire pastries (...) later I returned to find this:

Complete and utter chaos dans la boutique.
La Droguerie (best metaphore a jewelry box) in Paris was chuckfull of people awaiting help.
Help? Why would you need help?
This is why:

way, way, way too many choises...

This is what happened to me:

And then I needed this:

Boyfriend dear came to the rescue and pulled me right back to reality with his non-believer remarks.

And so the story ends...
I didn't buy anything at La Droguerie in Paris.

No worries though. About 4 hours closer to home, in Antwerp, there's a lovely shop called Julija's where the same yarn can be bought, in a much more relaxed atmosphere with nice people to help you (you still need help choosing) and great pastries in the neigbourhood.

Antwerp, I'm on my way!
(it's sale there too!)


Did take home a lot of inspiration though!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Click to enlarge

For an item in a regional magazine a photographer shot SAS Knits at work.