Monday, December 29, 2008

NEW KNIT KIT: Octopussss aka the other neck/wrist piece

A while back I was asked to design a Knit Kit especially for a soon to be opened online yarn shop focussing on environmentally friendly and fair trade materials; HolyWoly!. How could I resist?
This is what I came up with:

Octopussss aka the other neck/wrist piece
Design: SAS Knits It Again
Level: Starter plus

The patterns in this Knit Kit are unique, versatile and eyecatching. They are not just a neck- and wristwarmer, they're woolly warm jewelry. Make them for yourself or to give away as a present.

It's all about the materials with this kit;

  • Beautifull pure 100% handspun fair trade wool from non-profit organisation Manos del Uruguay which assembles over 400 artisans in cooperatives scattered throughout the countryside of Uruguay. The aim of the organization is to bring economic and social opportunities to rural women.

  • Each piece unique, hand made Venetian glass beads and buttons from the crafty hands of Mei Tan, who lives and works in Italy and the Netherlands. Beads and buttons go directly from the designer into this kit.

  • Brittany hardwood needles made by a small very envorinmentally aware company. All wood used by Brittany comes from strictly regulated forests or small woodland owners in the United States ensuring proper environmental logging practices and selective cutting for maximum reforestation.

When all these things come together, they make for a very positive and relaxing knit project.

Octopussss (€ 27,50) is available only through HolyWoly! a very friendly new online yarn shop. Go here if you want to order.


Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Jackll & hide go wonkers

It's been more than a year ago since Knitty was so kind to publish my Jackll & hide pattern. I've had loads and loads of compliments and to this day 311 people on Ravelry alone have knitted it. It made me feel a little famous and I crave for more....


I've also had a lot of questions about the pattern. Mostly to do with the eye holes. The Knitty people edited that part a little, and they were right, their version is so much cleaner looking and easier to do. Thing is, there was a little counting error, they've updated that and forgot to change the following numbers, so questions keep coming.

Since I didn't design that part it was kind of hard for me to answer those questions between the dishes and working on new designs. So I finally decided to knit it for myself and see what went wrong.

Now you can read the correct instructions.
I'll cover the eye hole part completely. The pink text is edited from the original.

Shape Eyeholes:
Next Round: BO 2 sts, k11 (12 sts on right needle
together with bound-off sts) and place these sts on st holder; BO 2 sts, k to end. 60 sts.

This part you knit just the stitches on the needle(s), back and forth.

Row 1 [WS]: P2tog, p to last 2 sts, ssp.
Row 2 [RS]: Ssk, k to last 2 sts, k2tog.
Row 3 [WS]: P all sts.
Row 4 [RS]: Work as for Row 2.
54 sts.
Rows 5-6: Work in stockinette st.
Row 7 [WS]: P1, m1, p to last st, m1, p1.
Row 8 [RS]: K all sts.
Row 9 [WS]: Work as for Row 7.
Row 10 [RS]: K1, m1, k to last st, m1, k1.
60 sts. Break yarn. If you are using double-point needles, divide these sts between 3 needles so that you have 2 free needles. If using circular needle, leave sts on needle.

This part, you work only the 12 st. from te stitch holder.

Place held sts on a double-point needle and rejoin yarn with WS facing.

Work Rows 1-9 as above. At the end of Row 4, there will be 6 sts.

Row 10 [RS]: K1, m1, k to last st, m1, k1, CO 2 sts, k the 61 sts on the circular needle or other double-point needles, CO 2 sts; join to resume working in the round, k6. 76 sts.

This point will now be beginning of round. If using double-point needles, place 19 sts on each needle.

Work 3 inches in stockinette st.


Good luck, I hope this helps!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Merry Knitting

Hi there! It's been a while and I've been busy. The new Knit Kit is coming soon (promise) and there's a new Knit Night at the Naaicafé for everyone that doesn't need lessons, could use a little help and is looking for a friendly and inspiring knitting group. Read about the Knit Night and times and dates of lessons here.
Voor de Nederlandse lezers: op dinsdagavond is er een Brei-Inn voor iedereen die geen lessen nodig heeft, maar af en toe wat hulp kan gebruiken en zin heeft in inspiratie en gezelligheid! Verder vind je hier ook informatie over de lestijden en openingstijden van het Naaicafé.

Reading to Iep I found all these pictures and stories...

So cool!
Life's hectic at the moment. Beeing 7 mnts pregnant, (all is very well! In the picture I have a huge cold, hence the red nose and teary eyes) buying a house, selling the old one, redecorating, refurbishing and moving... all before the 1st of februari and in time to welcome the baby around the 2nd week of march is a bit daunting to say the least. But we'll manage.

Oh and I'm knitting this, Landscape Chevron scarf from Regia's Kaffe Fasset sock yarn. It's a pattern from Regia Magazine 112. It's a really fun knit, in obviously great colors, but it's taking me ages (3,5 mm ndls...) eventhough I knit when I can. It's just that I have so many projects in my head, I'm in a hurry to make E.Z.'s Baby Surprise Jacket in a great green blend of 'Manos del Uruguay - Silky', I'm working on two of my own designs and finally got around to ordering yarn for a cardigan for myself from Knitting Nature (yes, it wil finally happen...) so little time, so much to knit. Can't wait for a whole new year of knitting!!

Happy Christmas everyone and a Merry New Year! ;-) Knit On in 2009!! SAS