Friday, April 01, 2011


Do you feel neglected? I'm sure you do. And I'm really sorry. I should be posting more. I should be posting more about my life, about knitting. But when I scroll down my last posts it looks like I've mostly been bragging. It's just... I'm so proud. I don't want to brag at all I just want to share the jumping frogs (and some butterflies too) in my stomach with you.
I'm working hard to get my little company running and I just love doing it. But since I have a limited amount of time I have to choose the things I want to focus on. Most of my energy has gone into publicity and shouting out loud in every which way I could.
There's been a lot of knitting too and -as ever- the designs keep piling up in my *Moleskine notebooks and I can't find the time to work them into patterns. I NEED AN INTERN!! One that doesn't need payment, a workspace and can turn up at extremely flexible times. (Spare Elves anyone?!)
So choosing.... I've slimmed down my knitting focuses to two:
1. designing for the beginning knitter,

2. teaching new blood how to knit
That seems like a fairly clear plan to me.
So now the next step. I want to professionalize my appearance online (I'm already seeing a beautician each month so that's covered...) and so I've decided to put a big chunk of my earned dough into a new website that more clearly shows what SAS Knits is and does.
In two languages: Dutch for my students and English for the pattern buyers.

So next week I have a meeting planned with my personal graphic designer (and good friend) Job. Next a meeting with this cool new studio that's making my new site: Rox Media. (I'm getting good prices, so there you go guys, links and labels and a twitter post and a Facebook post!)
Talking about personal designers... I love working with other designers to use combined talents to get a new item, shape or idea. Dianne B once mentioned leather needle bags and I swooned at the mention of it. I kept the idea in my head and when I met Christina K. of Tarra-g (an extremely cool & nice gal/leather bag label) I mentioned the idea and she jumped to it.

This is the result of her work and my needs: I'm in love. That's all I'm saying. My own CUSTOM MADE leather needle case by Tarra-g. This is going to last a lifetime and I'll be able to give it to my son or daughter one day. There's so many things that make this needle case perfect I can't even mention them all. Ok, one more: It's green! Ok, enough ranting! Mail her if you want one too!