Friday, November 30, 2007

Start early

Iep's first S'nB night. I'm sure sleeping is that more relaxed to the sound of loads of ticking needles, he didn't lift an eyelid through the entire evening.

Friday, November 09, 2007

Jackyll & hide

Remember this one....?The first week of October was Christmas and a half for me. Well, more than that, much more; I became a mom for the first time, it was my birthday ánd it one of my patterns got published for the first time. Published on Knitty, the mother of all knitting sites.

Obviously I was occupied with my son and so I did the happy dance, mailed some of my friends and was speechless for a couple of minutes, but then the baby cried and nappies needed changing and so I lost track of the ripple that caused the big wave.

Last week I googled Jackll & hide and was amazed at what I found. 8 pages of hits, people from all over the world that had knit or are in the process of knitting Jackll & hide.

This time I was speechless for a couple of hours....

These are just a few of the J&h's that I stumbled upon. It's really weird thinking about people all over the world, seeing my desing, liking it, buying the yarn or getting it from stash, starting to knit it, finish it and wear it or give it away. It's like what I imagined when I was 12 how Madonna would feel knowing that there always at all times must be someone in the world listening to her music. I feel famous. Wow!
Thanks everybody for liking my design! Please send me pictures if you're knitting Jackll & hide too! :-)
I feel extra inspired now to design more, so gotta go....