Monday, June 28, 2010

Hot Hot Heat

Yesterday we (SAS & Dianne B) spent our day in Amersfoort at Kraftic. At a fantastic location on the waterside in the middle of the city. While we sold knitwear, yarn, lessons and a lot of smiles our feet burned in the sun (the rest of us was covered by the sign hanging from the booth.

Last winter we spent a day at a market at -10 degrees Celsius and yesterday it was about 30 degrees. Thats a difference of 40!! But I'm not complaining!
It was a great day and we've met a lot of nice and cool designers, got 100% positive feedback (except from the old lady that complained about politics, but I'm guessing she was suffering from a heatstroke)

Thank you visitors for your positive reactions and purchases!

For your information:
- here's the Joan of Arc pattern for downloading;
- this is
my mail if you want to get the Joan Knit Kit or for other questions;
- this is my web shop, but please mail me if you've seen an item that's not in the webshop;
- and
here's were you find more information about Workshops.

After a full sun packed day my BF had a show with his band. It's been proven again: he rocks!

another band I like, in theme with the heat:

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Hittin' the Streets

All this...

Led to this:

Bazar Bizar in Rotterdam, Charlois. It was a successful and fun day. With the help of Dianne B. we sold a couple of thousand stitches made into various items, at least a few kilometers of yarn and a lot of smiles and enthusiastic (but true) stories.

All is packed up now and ready to unpack tomorrow at Kraftic in Amersfoort. Come check us out!

And to all of you who visited the stand, bought a SAS Knits It Again original and took a card or flyer: it was lovely to meet you, hope you'll enjoy your purchase and we'd love to see you again in class, online or at another fair!

Friday, June 18, 2010


Perfecting a design for yoga/meditation cushions. They will be 100% wool, filled with buckwheat hulls in a 100% cotton liner bag. I'm working on adult and children's sizes. Hopefully I'll have some for sale at Bazar Bizar the 26th of June.

Meanwhile I'm doing everything at once, it makes me feel like an octopus with multiple personality syndrome! I'm totally chaotic all the time which results in weird clothing choices, cleaning up and leaving things where they are randomly.Too much bread and no toppings or too much toppings and no bread.
Weirdly I'm at my most productive like this. Imagine what my house will look like the day I'll do this full-time...

I missed my yoga class yesterday, and it was much needed. Should squeeze in a quick greeting-to-the-sun? Or is that a contradictio in terminis?

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Knit In Public Day (KIPday)

Yesterday I took the whole family to KIP day. I only took 3 pictures because I was extremely busy feeding the children, eating a grilled sausage and in between uttering a few words trying to get out a coherent story. Needles (...) tot say I didn't get any knitting done...

more pictures here (check out our bike & bbq!)

Thursday, June 03, 2010


This picture sums up a lot of good things in life; sunshine, knitting & coffee.

SAS Knits It Again was asked to help knit some yellow squares for this project. It's still a big surprise what it's going to be so check in regularly if you'd like to know more about the urban knitting project.

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

An Apple a Day...

Frantically working on designs for Bazar Bizar. This is one of the luxury products: A 100% silk iphone cover in gold! Badabling! I have to get a friend's iphone to model though, I still live in the dark ages with my 5 yr old mobile. So for now just the cover without a model. For sale at Bazar Bizar the 26th of june or by mailing me.

ps Please note that the color is a bright orangy gold, much brighter than these pictures show.

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

A Morning at the Zoo

This morning, the kids and I had an important mission. It was al very multi-task-ual. While I lured the wee ones into my conspiracy with animals and a big sandbox, I shot a couple of pictures for my updated Bamboo Knit Kit. I even got in some cappuccino and two rows of knitting. (that's a luxury!).

'dude, I'm telling ya, there's a tropical surprise up there
and I don't want it, help yourself!'

'Hey, this kid wasn't kidding, yum!'

I've designed the Bamboo Knit Kit (consisting all materials you need for making a mash market bag) a while ago and sold it with cheap but funky yarn. Times change and I like my yarns to be a little more sophisticated now and so, with the help of this knitting friend, I found a yarn made of 60% hemp and 45% organic cotton. It's an amazing yarn that I carry in two colors; off white and a grey mix. It's very strong and can be washed at 60%, perfect for a bag.

The new and improved kit will be for sale as soon as I update the packaging and pattern. If you're interested, just mail me.