Monday, June 28, 2010

Hot Hot Heat

Yesterday we (SAS & Dianne B) spent our day in Amersfoort at Kraftic. At a fantastic location on the waterside in the middle of the city. While we sold knitwear, yarn, lessons and a lot of smiles our feet burned in the sun (the rest of us was covered by the sign hanging from the booth.

Last winter we spent a day at a market at -10 degrees Celsius and yesterday it was about 30 degrees. Thats a difference of 40!! But I'm not complaining!
It was a great day and we've met a lot of nice and cool designers, got 100% positive feedback (except from the old lady that complained about politics, but I'm guessing she was suffering from a heatstroke)

Thank you visitors for your positive reactions and purchases!

For your information:
- here's the Joan of Arc pattern for downloading;
- this is
my mail if you want to get the Joan Knit Kit or for other questions;
- this is my web shop, but please mail me if you've seen an item that's not in the webshop;
- and
here's were you find more information about Workshops.

After a full sun packed day my BF had a show with his band. It's been proven again: he rocks!

another band I like, in theme with the heat:


Anonymous said...

No complaining about the weather! It will cost you another euro! Dianne B.

Tijm said...

Cool, cool, cool!!!
Nou ja, buiten was het natuurlijk erg warm (binnen ook trouwens), maar je kraam en je mannetje zijn bijzonder COOL!!