Saturday, December 17, 2011


Today, at the I DON'T KNOW WHERE I'M GOING BUT I WANT TO BE THERE symposium, the cowl I designed commissioned for the MOTI (Museum Of The Image) is presented in Paradiso, Amsterdam. 

They wanted a hand knit scarf design that bore the title of the symposium. For a hand knit design I didn't have a lot of time but it was such a fun assignment to be working on. 

I started experimenting with different techniques and finally I decided to try to screen print on the knitted fabric. It works! Such a nice contrast, the black textured wool and the strong lines of the letters and words. 

Here's a look at the finished prototype. 

It will be presented at the bookshop and worn by one of the organizers. Interested buyers can sign in on a list to get one too. After the symposium it will travel to the MOTI museum store in Breda, where you can get a look at it and sing in.

If you don't know where to go today, go to Paradiso, it's such an interesting theme:

The image in the age of visual obesity

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Le Chien de la Mode

This is Tommy,
Tommy loves, a lot of things.
Tommy loves the sound of ticking needles, 
the small surprise of a ball of yarn tumbling from the sofa onto his back 
when he's in state of maximum relaxation... 

But most of all Tommy loves his boss.
It must be love... to do this...
or his hidden ambition to be 


Beware of Tommy & S.
These to may go far in knitting fashion!

Monday, November 07, 2011

JULE KULE of 'Oh... gaan we zó beginnen...?'

It's all the rage in Europe...knitting Christmas balls. Arne & Carlos took the knitted Christmas ball, dolled it up Norwegian style and made a genius book featuring themselfs in Norwegian sweaters with a twist (fair isle space invaders), their dog, their home and dozens of knitted christmasballs.
The trend is taking over big time and Arne & Carlos are everywhere, on the net, in your LYS, in the bookstores, in workshops all over the place and this weekend they are HERE, in the Netherlands promoting their book. As if it needs more promotion... than this:

Two weeks ago there was some serious ball-knitting done at the SAS Knits It Again Studio. Some of my students took their guts, mothers and friends and got to it. It took about an hour of swearing (I shall not go into details) but after the first couple of centimeters the fun grew and grew and turned into addiction for some. (Check out the pictures below).

Two days ago I got a text message from fellow knitter Bianca: 'Do you want to come knit on national TV at the PAU!L show?'. I wasn't jumping at the idea at first, the host, Paul de Leeuw, is known for his blunt and rude stylein interviewing guests and audience. My friend Jol's baffled face after I cried out: 'NO WAY!' made me think again. It might be a great way to promote the studio or at least knitting in general. And so I went home, took my brand new Lily Scarlet dress (she's got a new brand, for us 'curvies'!!), my Elle Aime 'I heart Knitting' brooches, all the guts I could find and took off. But not after mailing the Christmas ball workshop gals. Dianne B, knitting homey, took the bate and tagged along. Thank god for Dianne! (Dianne, you know why!)

After an adventurous car ride, we arrived at the studio's a little late (knitting diva's as we are) and were put to work immediately. Hundreds of adorable mini knitting balls, double pointed needles, cake and coffee were spread over three tables. About 20 women were knitting their balls off. We felt like we were on a school trip. I heard myself say; 'This seat is taken, it's for my friend!'
Our assignment was to set up about 450 knitting balls, just the three first rows. They were then put in goody bags, a pattern and some stuffing were added and the bags were placed under the seats in the audience. The idea was to get the whole audience to knit while Arne & Carlos were being interviewed.
It didn't take long until we made some friends, Jansen & Jansen, made the experience very entertaining. And we decided to confront the talk show host with the phrase: 'Oh, gaan we zo beginnen...?' (Oh, you want to be like thát...?) if he was going to be brutal to us. We thought it was hilarious and from that moment on it was our reply to almost everything.

It was time, we were called into the studio. I didn't want to sit in front to minimise the chance of an interview. And off course... we sat in front.
The show was fun, for a long time we were safe. Until Dianne B was picked to kiss her neighbor in an item that earned money for a good cause by people having to kiss each other. Full Frontal earning the most points. I sat next to Dianne B.
But I wasn't the only one that sat next to her. Phew! I got away!!

The show went on and on and finally a huge onion shaped form opened and there they were, now dubbed 'the Victor & Rolf' of knitting;  Arne & Carlos! Surrounded by a mini Norwegian house interior set. Very cool looking! (in my opinion)
The item was finished before I could knit three rounds and so was the show. But... this is what happened next:
 Arne (right) & Carlos (left) obviously thrilled by our little rendez-vous!

If you missed it...
watch it here:
Get Microsoft Silverlight
Bekijk de video in andere formaten.

some screenshots (not linking to the video!)

the packages, the audience and a happy knitter...

Friday, October 28, 2011


Please enter my new site:

it's the same info in another package & form.

The new site will inform you on:
- knitting lessons and workshops
- my yarn store
- my designs (download patterns and or buy ready to wear)
- my blogged knitting adventures

I will keep this blog and aim to update it regularly. The blog can also be read on the new site. This way I hope to inform those who are interested in the SAS K.I.A. Studio and entertain the others with my knitting adventures. Keep business and pleasure together and separated at the same time. Sort of thing ish...

Oh and, it's both in English and Dutch!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Piggy Pret a Porter

English below
Tijdens het Rotterdamse Oogst Festival was SAS Knits It Again aanwezig met een kinder workshop: Piggy Pret a Porter.
We maakten touw met zogenaamde breivorken en dat touw veranderde in varkensoortjes en varkensstaartjes.

Vorig jaar bedacht ik een workshop voor volwassenen die eigenlijk vooral door kinderen werd bezocht. Dit jaar bedacht ik deze workshop met koters in mijn achterhoofd. Omdat ik zelf met mijn eigen kinderen de workshops bij Rotterdam Zaait
Festival (van dezelfde organisatie) bijwoonde leerde ik dat je het lekker overzichtelijk moet houden. Het werkte. Het was een super dag. Iedereen vond het heel leuk om met de breivork te werken, simpel, snel en leuk.
Hier zie je een aantal varkentjes. In totaal moeten het er ongeveer 60 zijn geweest. Dit kleine varkentje ging naar een festival, en daarna moe en tevreden naar haar bed...

At the Rottterdamse Oogst Festival, a celebration of the farmers in and around our city, SAS Knits It Again hosted a children's workshop: Piggy Pret a Porter. We worked with knitting forks and made pink ropes that we transformed to Piggy ears and Pig tails.
Last year I hosted a workshop at the same festival, meant for adults but visited by mostly kids. This time I worked out a workshop with kids in mind.

It was a fantastic day and the kids loved working with the 'knitting fork' most of them (and their parents) had never seen the small wooden device and were amazed by the simplicity and fun.

Here's a look at some of the little Piggies. In total I think there must have been about 60. This piggy went to the Festival and then straight to bed...