Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Bandwagon

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SAS Knits It Again got a lot of press this week. Thursday a national newspaper (Algemeen Dagblad) placed an interview with Francine Oomen and me talking about yarn bombing (aka knit tagging or in Dutch; 'wild breien').
Francine is the author of a series of childrens books on 'How to Survive...' different things in life. Her last book covers Yarn Bombing. I thought it was kind of a weird choice in the series but I love the fact that she's promoting knitting to the next generation. One way or another I got on the bandwagon of the media hype that she started and I was happy to join in.

In a reaction to the piece one of the most popular morning shows on National radio called me and spent quite an amount of time talking to me about the same subject. In spite of having worked in marketing and communication for years, I still suffer from stage fright. I used to promote the bands that played at the venues where I worked on the radio on a monthly basis. I even got myself to present an arts & culture talk show for a while to get over my fear. But when I used to DJ I still had to kill a whiskey before I could start playing. It's the main reason why I never started a band. (I love to sing) I start to shiver, can't eat, feel sick to my stomach and can't function right.
Strange thing is, when I'm in the middle of 'the thing' I'm fine and most of the time I can look back on a good interview, show or whatever.
It's a strange thing...

Listen to the radio interview here

Friday, February 04, 2011

NEW LESSONS (lessen) NEW LOCATIONS (locaties)

English below

De breilessen van SAS Knits BREIden zich gestaag uit. In Delft aan de VAK kun je je nog steeds aanmelden voor een uitgebreide cursus voor beginners. De lessen gaan in maart van start.

Op Katendrecht in Rotterdam starten 18 februari lessen bij IZMOOIZO, een duurzaam warenhuis met vreselijk leuke spulletjes en gezellige luitjes. Elke vrijdagavond van 19:00-21:00 kun je er terecht voor breilessen SAS Knits stijl (lees hier meer hierover). Uiteraard mét drankjes en gezelligheid. Meld je aan via IZMOOIZO, stuur mij een mailtje of bel even.

Je kunt dus nu in Delft, Rotterdam Noord, Centrum en Zuid terecht voor lessen. Workshops kunnen altijd in heel het land (en zelfs in mijn geboorteland Belgie). Kijk hier voor meer informatie over workshops.

IZMOOIZO op Katendrecht, Rotterdam Zuid

Woon je in Berkel en Rodenrijs, mail dan eens om te informeren, bij voldoende deelname start ik ook workshops en lessen aan huis. De serre wordt omgebouwd tot leslokaal as-we-speak.

foto's van een nieuw SAS Knits ontwerp in de maak, makkelijk voor beginners en heel leuk om te maken. Binnenkort meer info.

SAS Knits is expanding and going for world domination... with new knitting classes starting 18th februari at IZMOOIZO, an eco-friendly giftshop with benefits. The shop is located at Katendrecht, the south of Rotterdam.

The knitting course in Delft at the VAK is starting next march.

So with classes in Delft, the North of Rotterdam, Rotterdam centre and the south area of Rotterdam. SAS Knits is expanding 'Knitting 2.0', knitting in 2011, a modern view on an ancient technique.
Workshops can be booked all over the Netherlands and Belgium.

If you live in Berkel en Rodenrijs, please contact me, I'm planning on teaching from home. We have a hot-house (serre) that's being redecorated as we speak to accommodate knitting students.

English speaking students are very welcome to join classes. I know English (and French) knitting terms so join in and get to know the locals in the meantime!

Mail or call me if you want more info.

pictures are of a new SAS Knits design in-the-making, keep posted for the pattern, it's really easy to make, perfect for beginners.