Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Fairly Fantastic Fabulous Fair

So, that's it... SAS Knits It Again's first fair is in the past. It came and it went like a first boyfriend... and it was fairly fantastic and fabulous, in the sence that I won't be buying myself the complete Knit Picks line from the earned dough, but it was a huge promotional succes and I did manage to sell a lot more than I expected!
I couldn't have imagined the amount of positive comments I've gotten. (my at-the-last-moment-accuired-stand-without lights-or anything, even got me some 'best stand' nominations... haha! ) It was a very inspirational and educational weekend.
One of the great things about the two days at the fair was that it was an opportunity to meet some of my online friends and talk to them in person. It was a shame that I didn't get more time to talk to them and knit with them...

A special THANK YOU goes out to my friends at Storm op Zolder and Ballee who've helped me with all kinds of stuff! And a very, very special thank you to midi-person of Storm op Zolder , she was a fun and cute companion troughout the weekend! Groetjes !!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Times and days knitting lessons/ Tijden en dagen breilessen

There's some updated info on the times and dates of the knitting lessons here. Er is wat informatie geupdate over de tijden en dagen waarop ik breiles geef, hier.

And this is what I'm doing this weekend...
En dit doe ik dit weekend...

Attempting to get a new targetgroup knitting at the needlecrafts fair at the Van Nelle Fabriek in Rotterdam.
Een nieuwe doelgroep aan het breien helpen op de breibeurs in de Van Nelle Fabriek in Rotterdam.

Some serious networking...
Flink netwerken...

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

SAS Knits It Again goes to the fair

So it turns out that a little last-minute-gutsy-action can get you places. Instead of sharing a booth with my knitting entrepreneur friends Storm op Zolder and Ballee, I'll be 'owning' my own booth at the Rotterdam Needlecrafts Fair this weekend. It's a tiny booth but perfect for my knit kits.
So if you're looking for a daytrip, or even a weekendtrip, why not skip and hop to Rotterdam and come visit me at the fair? I'll be in booth 182. While you're there don't forget to check out the Storm op Zolder and Ballee stuff at booth 175!!
And ...
I've got a nice Fair Deal for you; 20% off the 'Breien met Voorkennis' kit, so grab it while you can!
This kit contains yarn, two patterns, bamboo knitting needles, cable needles, a huge and beautifull button, a darning needle, a special SAS Knits It Again label and a 'basics' tutorial. All this comes in a snazzy chinese take-away box.
(picture above is the 'Enfant Terrible Knit Kit')

See you there!

Saturday, October 18, 2008


Yup, they're here.... the new colors for the City Set Knit Kits. There's some fashion colors and some good 'ol basics. Something for everyone. (Look for other colors and more info here)

SAS Knits It Again will be selling Knit Kits at the Crafts Fair @ Van Nelle factory in Rotterdam. (fri 24 + sat 25 okt.) Hope to see you there. Look for us at the Storm op Zolder booth.

, daar zijn ze dan... de nieuwe kleuren voor de City Set Knit Kits. Er zijn hippe mode kleurtjes en wat mooie basics. Voor elke smaak wat. (kijk hier naar de overige kleuren en meer info)

SAS Knits It Again verkoopt haar breipakketten tijdens de Handwerkbeurs @ Van Nelle Fabriek in Rotterdam. Je vind ons bij de Storm op Zolder kraam.

Friday, October 10, 2008


SAS Knits It Again
Saskia de Feijter
sasknitsitagain@hotmail.com (call or mail me if you need a post adress)
T +31(0)6 41759707

SAS Knits It Again geeft les en verkoopt Phildar garen en bamboo naalden @ Naaicafé Caroline Vogel
Hoogstraat 57a
T 010 282 75 70

13:30- 15:30
20:00- 22:00

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Time flies...

I can't believe it's been a year! My wee one isn't so wee any more... The year has flown by like you won't believe. I'm so proud of my little boy, he makes me laugh every day and because of him there's always an extra twinkle in my days.
We celebrated big time with a felt birthday crown made by mum (he actually kept it on his head for quite some time...)
There were little pals;
A bright red and loud present,And home made banana cake!! (Banana is his favorite, he calls it 'naan naan') Turns out he only ate the whipped cream (sweatened with fruit sugar instead of regular) and the slices of banana on top. To be honest, I completely understand, the cake wasn't that great, I went wrong where I go wrong in patterns all the time. I read... act out what I've read and then read the following part that says; 'AT THE SAME TIME.....'. OW!! So it was more of a banana biscuit than it was a cake. Hey it's the thought that counts right?A year ago my friend Yvon gave me a couple of her home dyed skeins, named after Iep. A great birth present! I've been casting on an off about five times, but could never decide what to make. The yarn was a bit too bulky for a small baby, but now it's great for a big boy sweater and so I made him a very basic but bold sweater.
The colors are fantastic, it's brown and fluorescent yellow (pictures tone it down way too much)!
I used one and a half skein of chocolate Phildar Partner I had lying around for the edgings and arms.
The buttons (closed in the back) I found in a supermarket in France this summer. I used them on a coat for Iep first, but they were too big. I'm on the lookout for smaller wooden buttons for that one now...
Gotta go, my big boy wants naan naan!