Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Fairly Fantastic Fabulous Fair

So, that's it... SAS Knits It Again's first fair is in the past. It came and it went like a first boyfriend... and it was fairly fantastic and fabulous, in the sence that I won't be buying myself the complete Knit Picks line from the earned dough, but it was a huge promotional succes and I did manage to sell a lot more than I expected!
I couldn't have imagined the amount of positive comments I've gotten. (my at-the-last-moment-accuired-stand-without lights-or anything, even got me some 'best stand' nominations... haha! ) It was a very inspirational and educational weekend.
One of the great things about the two days at the fair was that it was an opportunity to meet some of my online friends and talk to them in person. It was a shame that I didn't get more time to talk to them and knit with them...

A special THANK YOU goes out to my friends at Storm op Zolder and Ballee who've helped me with all kinds of stuff! And a very, very special thank you to midi-person of Storm op Zolder , she was a fun and cute companion troughout the weekend! Groetjes !!


yvonnep said...

And I still thought you had the most creative and artistic stand of the whole fair!

Tijm said...

Sas, je stand was echt geweldig, zo echt jij en zo mooi met ide bijzondere vormgeving van je breipakketten! Ze zagen er letterlijk en figuutlijk smakelijk uit!
Ik wens je enorm veel succes met de breizaken en heb hier in Leeuwarden al diverse flyers aan potentiele klanten uitgedeeld (beginnende jonge breiers).
Succes met de andere helft!! : )

Storm op Zolder said...

Midi says she misses you. Wants to know when you're going to your next fair.

You and Puk both have a nack for setting up shop in no time. Me, I just have way to much stuff ;-)

Emma said...

Beautiful stand, Saskia! I especially like that Jack D. jug in the background. ;)