Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Breaky Breaky

These are some crazy and hectic times. I'm in my 34th week of the pregnancy and a week before we're moving house... Can you imagine? My little boy has become sick too so I'm getting my energy from wherever I can find it. Read: taking mini-naps while he's asleep and taking baths every morning. So far it's working. A lot of my energy comes from teaching. The ironic part is that this week are my last lessons before I go on maternity leave. But I guess if I plan it well, I'll just use that time to do more creative stuff at the new house and I'm sure that will boost my energy levels as well.
The BSJ I knitted using Manos Silky. I did a lot of math and swatching to make sure I could make it with just one skein. And I did it! I barely had enough material to sew op the seams (luckily there are just two...) it was a close call and very nerve wrecking at the end. But there was always this, a mouseclick away, so I was never in any real desparation... ;-)

In between the midst of dozens of boxes I've knitted the new baby a log cabin blanket and the baby surprise jacket by Elizabeth Zimmerman. The blanket was made by using this great guide and just winging it (read: knit, frog, knit, frog again, finally knit it right). I knitted it in stockinette stitch and added a hood so I can use it as a wrap as well. The yarn is a Kaffe Fasset design for Rowan, expensive but fantastic.

If you're interested in the details of these knits, you'll have to wait a wile or mail me, since I don't have enough time to 'ravel' them. But I will, some day...

For now, onto my last tuesdaynight lesson for a while.

here's the BSJ without the buttons.