Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Summer Knitting = Sweaty Hands

The shops have been refilled with Knit Kits...
In the heat of the French summer I've been working on this Phildar Baby Duffel Coat, once again from the Marie Claire Idées/ Phildar book; Knitting for Babies. I must have knitted every single pattern in that book... I just realy like the classic look they have, it's never out of fashion. I did use a fashionable color instead of the usual dark blue and went for petrol. It's knit with a bacteria repellent fabric (what that does, I have no idea... except for repelling bacteria...) called Oxygene, also by Phildar.
It's great for doing baby yoga!
I have thought long and hard before I decided to show you this picture. You see, in this blog I try to come across as a hip, young knitter.
Than what the '^&*^$#%' do I do in front of a caravan (...), knitting, while Boyfriend Dear reads, in slippers with socks...
I'm going to let you in on a secret...
Practicality won the match over coolness this summer!
I'm knitting Iep an orange hat btw for him to wear when the Dutch soccerteam played. (It didn't help much...)

Meanwhile I'm embroidering Space Invaders...
That's cool....

Wednesday, July 02, 2008


The Bamboo Summer Knit Kits have sold out at the Sewing Café.

Quick, there are still some available at Taboo Trader and Shopper!

I've already been, but the Sewing Café closes for summer holidays from the 22nd of july to the 1st of september. If your interested in lessons during that time, we'll move to another location untill the café re-opens. Just mail me for info.


De Bamboo Zomer Breipakketten zijn uitverkocht in het Naaicafé.

Snel, er zijn er nog een paar verkrijgbaar bij Taboo Trader en Shopper!

Ik ben net terug, maar het Naaicafé sluit haar deuren voor een zomervakantie van 22 juli tot 1 september. Als je breilessen wil in die periode, mail me dan en we spreken op een andere locatie af totdat het Naaicafé haar deuren weer opent.