Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Breaky Breaky

These are some crazy and hectic times. I'm in my 34th week of the pregnancy and a week before we're moving house... Can you imagine? My little boy has become sick too so I'm getting my energy from wherever I can find it. Read: taking mini-naps while he's asleep and taking baths every morning. So far it's working. A lot of my energy comes from teaching. The ironic part is that this week are my last lessons before I go on maternity leave. But I guess if I plan it well, I'll just use that time to do more creative stuff at the new house and I'm sure that will boost my energy levels as well.
The BSJ I knitted using Manos Silky. I did a lot of math and swatching to make sure I could make it with just one skein. And I did it! I barely had enough material to sew op the seams (luckily there are just two...) it was a close call and very nerve wrecking at the end. But there was always this, a mouseclick away, so I was never in any real desparation... ;-)

In between the midst of dozens of boxes I've knitted the new baby a log cabin blanket and the baby surprise jacket by Elizabeth Zimmerman. The blanket was made by using this great guide and just winging it (read: knit, frog, knit, frog again, finally knit it right). I knitted it in stockinette stitch and added a hood so I can use it as a wrap as well. The yarn is a Kaffe Fasset design for Rowan, expensive but fantastic.

If you're interested in the details of these knits, you'll have to wait a wile or mail me, since I don't have enough time to 'ravel' them. But I will, some day...

For now, onto my last tuesdaynight lesson for a while.

here's the BSJ without the buttons.


Tijm said...

Meissie toch, wat een gedoe en dan ook nog hoog zwanger.
Prachtige dingen heb je gemaakt zeg. Schitterend.
Succes met de laatste loodjes.

Annette said...

Prachtig! De Log-cabin deken is zó mooi!


wollie said...

wow, hoe doe je het.
hoop dat je een beetje tijd tussendoor kunt vinden om te breien.
dat geeft toch ook vaak een beetje rust.

yvonnep said...

Oh, dat is een goed idee, het BSJ van Manos Silk. Maar ik heb ook maar een streng. brrrrr, durf ik dat?
Pas je wel goed op jezelf?!

astrid said...

superleuk vestje en die blanket: heel erg mooi.
Ik wens je veel kracht toe voor de laatste loodjes. Kom zeker kijken naar je nieuwe huis (en werkkamer??)

Cara said...

Your blanket is beautiful! Good luck with the baby!


nice post

Lies said...

Leuk! wat een hoop gebrei nog tussen de werkzaamheden door.

Sterkte ermee!

Ballee said...

En? Hoe gaat het met je/jullie?

Huis een beetje aan kant, baby in/uit de buik?

Hou je taai!