Saturday, June 26, 2010

Hittin' the Streets

All this...

Led to this:

Bazar Bizar in Rotterdam, Charlois. It was a successful and fun day. With the help of Dianne B. we sold a couple of thousand stitches made into various items, at least a few kilometers of yarn and a lot of smiles and enthusiastic (but true) stories.

All is packed up now and ready to unpack tomorrow at Kraftic in Amersfoort. Come check us out!

And to all of you who visited the stand, bought a SAS Knits It Again original and took a card or flyer: it was lovely to meet you, hope you'll enjoy your purchase and we'd love to see you again in class, online or at another fair!


yvonnep said...

leuk joh!

Tijm said...

Ziet er zeeer goed uit!!!
Blij dat ik ook een muts ben, want het is smikkelen die kraam van je.
Zo stimuleer je nog meer mensen om muts te worden!