Friday, June 18, 2010


Perfecting a design for yoga/meditation cushions. They will be 100% wool, filled with buckwheat hulls in a 100% cotton liner bag. I'm working on adult and children's sizes. Hopefully I'll have some for sale at Bazar Bizar the 26th of June.

Meanwhile I'm doing everything at once, it makes me feel like an octopus with multiple personality syndrome! I'm totally chaotic all the time which results in weird clothing choices, cleaning up and leaving things where they are randomly.Too much bread and no toppings or too much toppings and no bread.
Weirdly I'm at my most productive like this. Imagine what my house will look like the day I'll do this full-time...

I missed my yoga class yesterday, and it was much needed. Should squeeze in a quick greeting-to-the-sun? Or is that a contradictio in terminis?

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