Tuesday, June 01, 2010

A Morning at the Zoo

This morning, the kids and I had an important mission. It was al very multi-task-ual. While I lured the wee ones into my conspiracy with animals and a big sandbox, I shot a couple of pictures for my updated Bamboo Knit Kit. I even got in some cappuccino and two rows of knitting. (that's a luxury!).

'dude, I'm telling ya, there's a tropical surprise up there
and I don't want it, help yourself!'

'Hey, this kid wasn't kidding, yum!'

I've designed the Bamboo Knit Kit (consisting all materials you need for making a mash market bag) a while ago and sold it with cheap but funky yarn. Times change and I like my yarns to be a little more sophisticated now and so, with the help of this knitting friend, I found a yarn made of 60% hemp and 45% organic cotton. It's an amazing yarn that I carry in two colors; off white and a grey mix. It's very strong and can be washed at 60%, perfect for a bag.

The new and improved kit will be for sale as soon as I update the packaging and pattern. If you're interested, just mail me.

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Tijm said...

Prachtige kid!
En jee, wat worden die prachtige kids groot zeg!!