Monday, July 05, 2010


And again, yellow seems to be the theme color in our lives...

Le Grand Depart du Tour de France in Rotterdam

Note how even my little boy is dressed in yellow.
The garden is joining the theme.
From little specks of yellow...
to big and bold yellow...
overwhelming yellow,

to our future dinner.

My favorite T
(though 2 sizes too small and so I never actually wear it),
drying in the garden.
The kid's toys.
And, yes, some knitting too.
Swatching for a new design.
(the yellow is actually about 500% brighter,
but I can't seem to get it right using photoshop, so I'll just leave it to your imagination.)
Wool waiting to be cleaned and plucked
to be used as filling for a knitted toy.

The old wooden shoes (klompen) I used to wear my son's age.
He can't seem to get used to them but I just leave them hanging around for memories sake.

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anneland22 said...

What a great study of a great color.