Saturday, February 23, 2008

SAS Knits It Again Knit Kits (breipakketten)

SAS Knits It Again designs, makes and sells knit kits. Kits come complete with basic knitting instructions (with pictures), a pattern for one or more projects, bamboo needles, yarn, tapestry needle and buttons, strings and other 'pimping' stuff.

SAS Knits It Again ontwerpt, maakt en verkoopt breipakketten. In de pakketten vind je een beschrijving voor de basistechnieken van het breien (met foto's), een patroon voor één of meer projecten, bamboe naalden, garen, maasnaald, knopen, linten and ander mooimaakspul.

Buy Knit Kits by mailing me!
(patterns are available on Ravelry, through PayPal.
I'm working on a webshop for kits and Ready to Wear,
untill that time, please trust me and mail! Don't look at the post date for referral to yarn color updates, I update regularly and that date wont show)

Koop Knit Kits door me te mailen !
(patronen kun je downloaden op Ravelry, je betaald met PayPal. Ik werk aan een webshop voor kits en kant-en-klaar breiwerk, tot die tijd kun je me mailen en een bestelling plaatsen! De datum van dit bericht is niet de update datum, ik update de verkrijgbare garens regelmatig, maar die datum zie je niet.)

'City Set'
€ 20,-

slouchy hat, fingerless mittens, coffee-to-go-warmer
hangmuts (slouch), vingerloze handschoenen, coffee-to-go-warmer

'Knitting with Knowledge'
advanced beginner / semi gevorderd
€ 30,-

neck warmer and bag with cables, bobbles, ajour and other techniques
nekwarmer en haarband met kabels en fantasiesteken

'Enfant Terrible'
absolute beginner
€ 15,-

i pod bag, fingerless mittens, small bag, bracelet
ipodtasje, vingerloze handschoentjes, klein tasje, armband

Bamboo Beret & Bamboo Bag
€ 15,-

beret and bag
baret en tas

Octopussss aka the other neck/wrist piece
starter plus
€ 27,50

They are not just a neck- and wristwarmer, they're woolly warm jewelry.
Niet alleen een nek- en polswamer, maar warm wollen juweeltjes.

Knit Kits are available at Naaicafé Caroline Vogel or by mailing me while I work at opening my webshop.


Available Colors for CITY SET Knit Kits / Verkrijgbare Kleuren voor CITY SET Breipakketten:

NOIRE (black, zwart) vanaf begin 2009 weer verkrijgbaar
GIVRE (light grey, licht grijs)
LIERE (dark green, donker groen) lighter than pictured, lichter dan op de foto

ACIER (grey, gemeleerd grijs)

OUTREMER (kobalt blue, kobalt blauw)

ORCHIDEE (pale pink, licht oud roze)

MINERAI (dark grey, donkergrijs)

CABAN (dark navy, donkerblauw)

Friday, February 15, 2008

Valentines Week

We don't do Valentines day, for one because I think it's become too much of a commercial thing. And Boyfriend Dear... well, because he's a dear but he mostly forgets about stuff like that.

He bought me red roses last week, just because, and they're still look like I just put them in the vase, very very beautifull.

I got him the yarn (phildar tweedy, color granit) to make him Cobblestone. I wrapped it for him and gave it to him this wednesday. (I'm not afraid of the curse of the boyfriend's sweater, we have a kid now and I'm pretty sure in 2008 that counts as married ...)

There's a cupcakemix with pink frosting in the cupboard, so I'm making my sweatheart those this weekend or next week.

'But didn't you just say you didn't do Valentines day?'
-'Yep, that's right, we didn't do anything on Valentines DAY.'
SAS Knits It Again Loves her readers,
big X from me!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Monday, February 11, 2008


I've been waiting for a good opportunity to use one of those crazy #ss words you get for verification when commenting on a blogpost as a title.
This is it, for lack of a better titel 'yaywa' has made it.

I've been tagged by Storm op Zolder, this one's very doable in terms of numbers in questions, so here goes:
4 Jobs I've Held:
summercamp counselor @ camp Chateaugay, upstate New York
DJ in an all women DJ/artist collective called 'RUNDFUNK' founded by myself
paper girl

4 Movies I like:
Etre et Avoir
Walk the Line
Donnie Darko

4 Places I've been:
New York
San Fransisco

4 Places I've Lived:
Den Haag

4 TV Shows I Watch:
Top Gear (UK car show)
The Pfaffs (real-life soap about a Belgian ex-soccer keeper and his family, very tasteless but hey, I'm half Belgian, it makes me think of my roots...)
De Daltons (Dutch childrens comedy/drama about a family with 4 sons)
Grand Designs (UK show about spectacular house building a lot of the time eco-friendly with lots of wood)

4 Radio Shows I Listen To:
I haven't had a working radio since I was about 12. I sometimes tune into the 'Luisterpaal' at a Dutch music listen to new albums for free. (Emma, you'd like this!)

4 Favorite Foods:
Boyfriend Dear's fish noodle dish
Fresh bread with butter and chocolate sprinkles (hagelslag)
Cakes and pies from Koekela

4 Places I'd Rather Be:
Nowhere, I'm perfectly happy where I am
(ok, maybe in one of those eco-friendly wooden Skandinavian inspired houses from 'Grand Designs')
Ow, I forgot..
I tag: