Friday, July 07, 2006

Jump into your car? You whish.... freak!

A short non-knitting post... very short, but extremely fun, promise!

I came across
this beauty today...


About the only thing that's remotely ok about this new David Hasselhoff video is that you can actually hear what he's singing... oh wait, no... that's bad...
Ok, so that leaves only one thing ok about it... it's hilariously absurd! This piece of 'art' deserves a cult-status.

I'll leave you with one of my fav cars, the Lada Niva, I l.o.v.e. it! I've got one word for this car; 'unpretentious'. Is that even a word? It is in Dutch... It's cute, bold and hot withouth knowing it! I imagine it's the Mini Cooper's though cousin, with a heart of gold, who lives in eastern Europe. Every day he works hard to keep the humans safe, asking only for some gas once in a while. You've gotta love this baby!

ánd they come in my fav color; 50's green!

This is actually the Slovakian bomb squad.... how cute!!


gullyer said...

OMG!!! That video is fantastic!!! I hope you don't mind me posting that link on my blog cause me and my friends have this weird twisted fasination with the Hoff and plaster him all over each other myspace pages!!

astridpersons said...

HILARIOUS; a classic at release.
Everything is so wrong: the jacket! the car! that hair! that " I am a stud" expressions! the pointing at the ladies!
Isn't there someone in his neigbourhood who could tell him: "don't do that david. It doesn't look good." ? Poor guy.

froukje said...

UNBELIEVABLE clip!To think that once I found him cute when he was Knightrider....It's a real example of getting older and trying desperately remaining young. Pitiful.

Cari said...

I love unpretentious cars! I don't know if that's a word either--let's make it one!