Friday, April 27, 2007

Half Sock Syndrome

As a knitter you've probably heard of Second Sock Syndrome. If you're not a knitter; it's the weird but very much real syndrome of finishing one sock but then never getting round to do the next one which for knitters is frustrating as F%*# since, well you want to wear them to show them off, but you're bored with the knitting because you've done it all before. 'Been there, Knit that...' It's actually a very arrogant syndrome, come to think of it...

Well, I have discovered a new syndrome, my name will be in all the knitting lexicons, I'll go into history as the inventor of ...


Yup, I'm not kidding you, it's a re-occurring thing, it's haunting me I tell ya. I can't seem to finish a sock. Not even one, let alone move on to the next.

I've had 4 half socks on the needles until today. Because today I got a little antidote consisting of sun and a cozy roof terrace so I actually finished one! Yay!!

Next up: choose:
1. finish the second sock to make a pair
2. finish one of the other half socks

I'm guessing it'll be 1.

The finished sock is actually the first sock;
- I've made for myself
- that's knitted with small needles
- that has more to it than y'r basic sock (oh no, not true, you can see half of a 'one-toe-sock' on the picture, that wasn't even clóse to basic...)
- that's knitted from the fab yarn from my magic ball

So, even though it's just the one, I'm proud! And here it is again, in a show off match with one of my new Birkenstock slippers.

I'll probably won't wear the socks for a while, the weather is great and it looks like it will stay like this for a while. I think they're so pretty, I'll think save them for giving birth. My pregnancy-yoga teacher taught me that cold feet are a bad thing when it comes to relaxation. So there, my delivery socks! (try not to picture me giving birth to a bayby, wearing the socks... I don't want to do that to you!)

Meanwhile, the first socks I've ever knitted are now officially ragged. Boyfriend Dear used them as slippers for about a year. I'm thinking should I learn how to mend the hole or just make sure the hole doesn't get any bigger and find some soles to stick 'em to? (I'm not ready to say goodbye...) (bad picture of the hole, it just hurts too much to focus on it...)

the last to gifts to come out of the magic ball; great tea and lovely hand cream (and NO, it won't get you stoned...neither the tea nor the cream) Thanks again Magic Pall, I promise I'll knit the second sock!!

In between sock adventures I'm knitting my first baby item, a blanket from Lucinda Guy's Book, Handknits for Kids. It's a fun knit but it'll take me ages to finish, probably just in time before my third baby will be born...


Delia said...

I love your knitting spot. I wish I had a lovely rooftop at my disposal!

yvonnep said...

Sock looks great... ja, ik heb dat ook. Ergens halverwege sok 1 verlies ik de aandacht, tenzij er iets fout gaat of als het een mooi patroon is. Lekker die groene thee... veel thee zetten, veel breien enne, sokken met gaten? Stoppen en daarna zooltje eronder?

Emma said...

Swwwt pink sock! They will be perfect 'delivery socks' when that day comes. :)

Tijm said...

Ha SAS, fijn weer wat van je te lezen en te zien ; )
Bekende ziekte van die sokken. Ik hbe er niet zo'n last van maar het lijkt me lastig.

Jenneke said...

Wat een mooie sok heb je van het 'magische garen' gemaakt! Ik vind de uitwisseling zo leuk! Je maakt meteen iets van omdat je wilt weten wat er allemaal verstopt is in de bol. groetjes Jenneke

Tijm said...

Hoe gaat het?? Al veel babygoed gebreid?

Rineke said...

IK heb ook dat syndroom. En quarter of a sweater-syndrome, fifth of a scarf syndrome etc. Om kort te zijn UFO-syndrome..

De sok is wel errg goed gelukt!

knittingajour said...

Alles goed? Ik mis je in HS II!