Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Picture Post (with hidden mini contest)

There's a new baby girl next door and I made this for her mommy. It's been years and years since I did some needlepoint(ing?). So it was a bit of an adventure. It's a handkerchief for the 3rd or 4th day after giving birth, notorious for lots of tears flowing. I haven't got a clue how to translate 'kraamtranen' so if any of my Dutch readers know, feel free to comment!

This I made for the wee girl herself. It's from 'One Skein' , a great and quick knit. I've used a vintage skein from a bag that was given to me by my MIL, no idea what brand it was... I made one for my little boy too (though it's a little girly I admit) I thought that one turned out quite big. I changed the needles by one whole size and made this pretty little thang. She'll only wear it the first few days, but that's when loads of pictures are taken ;-) and eventually she can use it for her dolls.
A while ago I made a little baby shrug for Iep to wear in his sleeping bag when it's colder. I used two random skeins from my stash. One Rowan type tweed in two threads (no label, sorry) and the other a Lana Grossa type tweed. The pattern is described in a Dutch book about how to go about getting a good daily routine for your baby. Although it's considered a bit old fashioned by some people, It's very popular and was an absolute eyeopener for me in the first few weeks of my little boy's life.
A late afternoon at the zoo. Bright and great light for pictures.

Yup, they're real. It looks like the set of a jeans brand's picture shoot or something, but it's the indoor space for these beautiful deer.
Spring is coming!
This is my view while nursing. Although I'd rather look at a bunch of trees (even one would be great) this is really kinda cool too. I'm enjoying how it looks different every time. Sometimes it's so foggy that the skyline just isn't there, very spooky.

Rotterdam's skyline from a bigger distance. A nice long walk around 'de Kralingse plas' (mini lake).
Back to knitting. I'm working on this pattern, it's a .... guess what it's going to be and I'll send you a small surprise! (first right answer wins, winner will be posted in a week's time)
Cobblestone is slowly but steadily growing.
Did I tell you I'm cheating...
I'm taking sewing classes at the Sewing Café where I teach my knit workshops. I've had two lessons and I can tell you now, it's a quick fix compared to knitting. Like a shot of tequila compared to a glass of wine. But I can never imagine setting aside, let alone leaving, my true love:


Wow, I just blew about a dozen opportunities to post about in one blow. Talk about a quick fix...

If only I could do this to Ravelry... I'm still not updated and it's starting to haunt me.... argh!


Tijm said...

Wat ben je toch een multi-tasking, multi-creatieve en multi-handige dame!!
Een echte vrouw kan dat alleen.
Wat weer een prachtige SAS foto's en echte SAS tekst.

knittingajour said...

Wow, die zebra foto is GEWELDIG, en je bent lekker bezig! Bedankt voor je lieve etui-mail (en tip!)

Tot snel, superwoman!

knittingajour said...

en oh ja, je nieuwe patroon: een muis natuurlijk!

dagmar said...

ik denk een draakje :-)

Fijn een Pfaff (oeps reclame)

astrid said...

vrolijke string?
(allen met oortjes)

Emma said...

Wow! You have knitted so much beautiful and useful stuff! I wish I could knit with the same speed.