Saturday, January 02, 2010

Cursing in the Church

Here's something we Dutch like to call 'Cursing in the Church' (vloeken in de kerk) I'm showing you a sewing project. A WHAT? SEWING?!?!?!?! How DARE you...
Well, it's just one project...
I'm copying a bag that I love using a very sturdy piece of scrap fabric.

Speaking of churches... I've found a wonderfull world below the church in our street. It's a thrift shop in the basement of the Church. I've lived here a year now, and only just discovered this amazing place. All the benefits from sales go to charity. And -at the risk of sounding really arrogant- in the small town I live they like other stuff than city folk (I still feel like the later). So this means there's so much more opportunity here to find cool stuff.

The shop is huge and very well organised. I've spent 2 hours the first time, made a friend in the process, and wasn't finished by a long shot. So now, after returning home with a woolen blanket and a piece of very sturdy tentcloth, I have two new projects on my hands that aren't knitting. A bag and a baby blanket and floor pillow. I'm SOOOO inspired. (Imagine me singing this!)

Sew you soon!

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Tijm said...

Geweldig dat je zo'n bijzondere plek ontddekt hebt!!
Enne..........naaien gaat zeer goed samen met breien en haken!
So go for it GIRL!