Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Half Reality of Blogging (part 2)

About a week ago I commented on one of Abi's (Spiderwoman Knits) posts. In turn she took my comment and blogged about it. Read it and then look at my pictures. Those are 100% real. I'm a master in making things look better then they are. Isn't that part of the fun though?

Blogging is like daydreaming your own life.

I will stand behind a person to make myself look slimmer. I will push away the clutter to one side and photograph a project in an apparently clean and tidy house. I will photograph myself 10.000 times until I am slightly satisfied.

I would never photo-shop myself or my kids though. Boyfriend dear once opted: 'I love that picture of Wee One, let's enlarge it. I'll just 'shop' that crumb from his face.' My jaw dropped down. There's a lot of ways you can photo-shop your life, but you'll have to make real memories. With real memories go real pictures. With real people on them.

(I was planning to post a picture of my face early in the morning, I hope you'll forgive me for chickening out...!)
'my photo studio'
'photo studio 2'
'crisis centre'
'messy kitchen 1'

'messy kitchen 2''little helper'


Tijm said...

Wat een mooie blik op je leven!
Stuff om over na te denken....

En by the way.........wat wordt wee al groot!!

Karen said...

I love this post! So true...only I'm not brave enough to take the 'real' photos of my messy home:)