Sunday, April 11, 2010

Knit Graffiti Crew in Action

Today, at the Schouwburgplein in the pounding heart of Rotterdam, SAS Knits It Again organized a Knit Graffiti Crew workshop at the Motel Mozaique festival.

We had a blast. Protected from the wind in a temporarily build greenhouse we kept warm and knitted our behinds off.

There were old knitters, young knitters, virginal knitters and trick-of-the-trade knitters. Boys, girls, men, women. Everyone got together cuddled up in the small house and made small squares and rectangles.

After about an hour of knitting we were asked to join a yoga lesson. We put aside our needles and yarn and minutes later found ourselves on the floor of the wooden church that was build there for the duration of the festival.

Relaxed and mindful we returned to our task and finished the squares. The atmosphere was great (as it always is at the most welcoming festival in the Netherlands!) Everyone helped each other out and of course Dianne B. was at the scene lending her hands and expertise.

The pieces all blended into one big 'Mozaique' of yarn and color.

Then were sewn together...

...and put up on the lamp post right in front of the theatre (Schouwburg) for everyone to see, enjoy and wonder about.

The counting begins...
How long will it stay there and be part of the 'Soft City', the theme of Motel Mozaique 2010?


Tijm said...

Jee, wat ziet dat er gezellig en vriendelijk uit zeg!!
Ik denk dat het een zeeeeeeeer geslaagde dag was!!
Sas, geweldig wat je gedaan hebt!!

Martice said...

very cool :) I saw this event on your blog and I announced it on our Dutch blog :) I hope people saw it :)

Peggy said...

zoooo dat ziet eruit als een gezellige toestand zeg. Kopje thee erbij, boekje, hoppa. Mooie foto's, leuk verhaaltje, ik heb wat gemist. xxx