Saturday, October 16, 2010

Designing and Teaching

Bright and early on my way to the fair.

Gosh, I really don't know where to start. Should I make separate posts to keep you reading or one big, huge newsflash post? There's so much going on that I just keep postponing writing about it all. And, for a change, I'm also actually knitting.
I'm knitting my ass off to be exact. (and in my case, that a WHOLE lot of knitting!)

I'll just take it a step at a time.

One of the latest trends in crocheting/knitting; Zpagetti.
A bulky yarn made from left overs in the textile industry.

Today I went to the annual needlecrafts fair in my hometown Rotterdam and got home with:
- a bag full of
Options goodies including a (excuses le mot) set of crochet (...) needles. More on those later, cable needles, a new pair of 3.5mm's (they are strong but can't handle beeing sit on...), a shawl pin (gotta have at least one) and the chunky set to complete my interchangeable set. I now feel like a real pro with a bag full of matching hardware.
- 4 cones of wool/angora mix taupe yarn (so I can finally start knitting a huge cardigan for ME!) for an amazing price.

- A big box full of lush green SILK (for sale during my lesson for at least 50% of normal silk prices!!)
- An amigurimi book (again, more on that later!) - Loads of lanolin cosmetics made by my friend Yvon at Storm op Zolder. I mistook the lotion for the cream and accidentally spilled it all over me and Boyfriend dear. I can tell you it smells like a dream!
the ugliest yarn I've ever seen.
It comes with little plucks of fake fur.

I did some hardcore bargaining on a new sewing machine (I still use the 1960's one my mother got at her wedding) and caught up with fellow knitster Dianne B. A very successful day!
Posters for an upcoming knitting event sponsored by Zeeman, a cheap yarn/clothing store.
More on this in my next post.

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Tijm said...

Zoooo dat was inderdaad een hele boel informatie!! Erg leuk!
Laat je ook nog wat horen over je lesgeven?

Rotterdam handwerkbeurs was vast erg gezellig, maar de Friesen hebben het af laten een aantal jaren er naar toe gegaan te zijn met een groep, is er nu (geloof ik) niemand heen. We zijn geld aan het sparen voor de beurs in Zwolle.