Thursday, November 25, 2010


To celebrate the fifth birthday of SAS Knits It Again, the blog that became a (small) brand, I'm giving away a surprise package with... well, it's a surprise. (and that gives me more time to think about it!)

The quickest/closest answer wins.

What kind of yarn did I use for my Jackll & hide (Jackll & hyde) design?


Knoopjes said...

Yay, happy blogbirthday!
My guess: merino, worsted?

Hanneke said...

Lana Grossa Bingo [100% Merino wool; 88yd/80m per 50g ball]

And a happy B DAY!!

Arja said...

ehm ... lana grossa bingo solid misschien?

Barbara said...

Happy blog birth day!

I think the yarn is Lana Grossa Bingo.

Kind regards,

Sade said...

I think it's Lana Grossa Bingo

Rianne311 said...

Die is gemaakt met... 4 bolletjes Lana Grossa Bingo

Peppy said...

Happy Birthday! En volgens mij was ie gebreid van Lana Grossa Bingo? Ik heb er zelf een keer een heel Hollandse trui mee gebreid (te zien bij mijn Ravelry projects:

Karen said...

Lana Grossa Bingo- 100% Merino wool

I would love to knit this for my 11 y/o son, but I am hopeless at adjusting patterns for size. Any thoughts on how to make it smaller?

Saskia said...

Hanneke!! You've won. The quickest and closest answer is yours. Send me an email with your adress and I'll send you some lush goodies from the SAS Knits shop.
(Sorry it took a while, I was down with a virus but up and knitting again!)
Sorry other contestants, better luck next time!