Tuesday, August 09, 2011


Have you heard of Etsy?! If you haven't I'm about to give you the key to a wonderful new world! Etsy is an online marketplace for home made and vintage items and supplies of/for all different kinds of 'makers'.

Although Etsy in general has a high level of home made stuff, the scale mostly tips over to the 'design side', sometimes there are funny, awkward or downright ugly things put up for sale. There's a site that collects these items called Regretsy. Sooo funny!

Some of the sellers at Etsy make so called treasuries, collections of Etsy items in one theme. My Joan of Arc pattern has been 'treasured' a couple of times. I feel very flattered and Joan looks great in the good company of other designs.

I have an Etsy shop myself, but at the moment it's kind off empty, I'm working on getting more patterns up there so they're available to a wider audience. Want to make a treasury yourself, it's addicting! Go here.

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