Monday, August 26, 2013

Flerfärgsvirkning, nålbindning, krokning och tvåändsstickning

... oh my.... It's been so long since I've posted. My hands are quite literally full with the shop, kids and something that resembles a household. 

The last time I was planning to post pictures was last summer. That's crazy. 

I was just thinking about my summer in Sweden last year where I took a course in old needle techniques. Namely 'Flerfärgsvirkning, nålbindning, krokning och tvåändsstickning' I had such a great time. Next year I'll definitely go there again. For now, here's some pictures from last year.... 

 trying to translate, lear techniques and learn swedish at the same time... 
 handmade tools at the shop 
 the main building in Falun red. I need a house like that. Someday.
 my very first attempt at Nalbindning (I now give workshops at the shop... I've practiced since then...)
 Krokning, Tunesian crochet in the round. 

Tvåändsstickning, twined knitting 

knitting on the porch 
 our class room (look at the fireplace)
 The colors of Sweden (blue for the sky, black and white for the birches, green for the trees and grass, brownish red for the Falun Red houses, purple for the lupines and brown for all the wood) for my multicolored traditional crochet. 
 smygmaskvirkning ...
 the multicolored crochet is used at the cuffs and bottom for durability. It's incredibly strong and non-stretchy. Amazing work by my teacher Berit Westman. A very kind, funny and skilled woman. It was like talking to Yoda. I turned quiet. And I hardly ever do...
 here we go...
 everything, everywhere at Sätergläntan is handmade, it's amazing! 
 at the library
 very old traditional knitting, carefully packed in rice paper. A sight for sore eyes! 

 this library is probably in my top 3 favorite places in the world 
 very old Nalbindnings mittens. Such beauty! 
little (handmade) jokes, in every corner. 
 flegvarvsvirkning... eh... I don't remember what it's called. It's getting somewhere. (but I have to be honest, it's still in this state in my atticstudio)
 All techniques in different stages
 Done, my wee weird practicing mitten. So proud. 
 And a new project on the needles.

 eating was a very natural, organic and lovely happening. Handmade baskets, bowls, spoons. Unbelievable. You'd never want to buy a factory item again in your life. Such an atmospheric difference! 
The pig says: 'Tack', meaning: 'Thank you!'
 And then the beautiful door closed and I went back home. Full of knowledge and inspiration and a promise to go back! 
 But first a night in Stockholm before I flew home. 
 Finishing my Tunesian crochet mittens on the hotel boat ...

... and on the plane. Last winter I wore them proudly. Warm and lovely. I taught a Nalbindnings workshop and my friend Maria whom I met at the course has visited me here. I show off my diploma at the shop, it looks so cool with the Swedish and the autographs of my teacher and headmaster. 

I'll be back! Absolutely! 

Maybe spinning
or weaving

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Anonymous said...

Dit was heel leuk om te lezen!
Ik woon al bijna 30 jaar in Zweden en hou ook erg van breien, én oude technieken.
De volgende keer dat ik in Nederland ben kom ik eens langs in je winkel.
/ Dianne