Thursday, June 15, 2006

Roller Coaster Life

The weather has been like my moods, like all things happening; crazy, like a roller coaster ride!

Three days ago, it was so hot I had to use
dusting powder to stop my hands from sweating too much so I couldn't knit. (the knitting smells great now!)
And now it has been raining for a day and a half and it doesn't look like it's getting better anytime soon.

Still in orange spirits... Lush great smelling dusting powder, my Branching Out, tangerines for sick Boyfriend Dear and orange

I'm definitely getting used to the color...

So there have been things goin on:

1. (the major one)
I've been told that my contract is not going to be extended. I didn't believe my ears. At the last official meeting I had with the boss he told me I was doing great, considering the lack of resources (personnel, time, money!!) and that they were very happy with my work. And now this, no warning, no real explanation, no nothing, totally out of the blue.
I'm really mad and disappointed and sad because I did nothing but work my freakin' pants of for this
club. I actually worked so hard that I got sick and had to stay home and rest for two weeks. After that I decided some things had to change and I quit my voluntary work for a
local music site, which I loved doing... I made sacrifices to do my job even better, without risking my health, and now they're stabbing me in the back.

I won't go into details, because all this is not over yet. There's unions and lawyers and doctors involved and it simply depresses me too much to talk about it.

But wait, behold the silver lining!

I'm taking this as some sort of cosmic kick in the arse. I've been toying with the idea for some time now and this is it... I'm starting my own business! I've already got a great plan but I'll keep that a secret for now. It involves me freelancing, doing PR and publicity work in the arts & cultural world, but that's just a small part of it, the part I'll start with.
I might have to find a parttime job to pay the bills at first, but if my plan works it will be fantastic. I'm scared shitless but extremely excited at the same time (more rollercoastering...)

It was Boyfriend Dear's birthday the 13th, and our 3rd anniversary at the same time. Poor guy was sick so I made him tea, decorated the balcony with flags, made him a daybed outside, bought him a cake, made him some sandwiches, made him some more tea and knitted beside him.

The fist Dutch world cup soccermatch has been played, last Sunday. I saw it with some friends at
Nighttown (that ratchet place). Although it was definitely weird being there, I had a great time. We won 1-0 against Servië-Montenegro!! Go Team!

This is me at the soccer match (1-0 for our team!!) I didn't actually knit, but wasn't planning on wearing orange ('cept for the bracelets...) so I thought I'd show my support another way... On my lap is Chanel, oh so cool daughter of the oh so cool
Nico. (pict. courtesy of Nico. )

- green thick socks pour moi.
- Ice Cream colored Tote
- Orange
Branching Out

The socks... let's not even go there, they're waiting for next winter.

The Ice Cream Colored Tote I made up myself and I'm designing it as I go along. As I'm not an accomplished designer yet it's extremely simple and BORING THE HELL OUT OF ME!
So that's that, I'm not really motivated to finish it at this point.

The orange
Branching Out is kicking my arse (as so many things are lately) Because you (I) can't frog a few rows of a lace pattern, it's just too chaotic, I knitted backwards more than forward to try to undo the mistakes I made. I got really sick of doing that and frogged the whole thing and started again. And then again. I finally realized, that it wasn't my incapability so much as the fact that I choose to knit it at the wrong times. It really needs some sort of tranquil yoga-like quietness, it's sensitive like that. So I decided to only knit it when I'm alone without radio or TV and nothing else to distract me. Which is... hardly ever...

Tempting is great, modelling below, sexy on the bed. I didn't get enough time to finish it yet but the sleeves are on the body and I'm getting there. Problem is that I'm short of yarn. So I have to drive for an hour to go get some more and all the while promise myself to not buy anything else while I'm there. I have to do it soon because the nice lady there is closing for holidays next week.


Foxylady said...

Oh wow, so much going on! I like orange for your 'branching out' project. It seems so fitting.

I'm excited about your thinking aboug starting your own business! That really is exciting and scary at the same time. Best wishes that it goes well for you. It seems you'be got a lot of it planned out which is good. Do your best!!

Drea Renee said...

chaos is a friend of mine (bob dylan) comes to mind. hang in there! oo and i can't wait to hear more about this secret business! speaking of secrets...expect an email including picture of my "secret project" coming up in the next few days :)

astridpersons said...

hee saskia,
hope everything works out for you. All best things start out of chaos. (me)

Cari said...

That is such a cute picture!

saskia said...

Hi Cari, thanks for leaving your comment.
But ehm... what picture is cute, the one with me looking like the mask in Scream or the one with Tempting, flaunting on the bed? Hmmm, it has to be the one with the wuppies...

Emma said...

Great projects! Try using a "lifeline" on the Branching Out. It really helps while knitting lace. You simply insert a tread of contrasting yarn into the stiches of a row while knitting and if you need to frog you'll be able to pick up the stiches quickly from the lifeline. Look at (