Thursday, June 22, 2006

Tempting Indeed

SAS Knits It Again Studio's
proudly presents:

A true story of how a black cotton yarn got tangled and unraveled into a luscious and lovely sweater. Starring:
Scheepjes Isis 100% cotton in black
and featuring
the lovely Sassy as 'the woman who filled the garment'.
In the role of ever curious and supporting lover: Boyfriend Dear.
Produced by the award wanting Saskia de Feijter
and sponsored by her own bankaccount.
Catering by: Sasfridgeandcupboard.
To be seen in Rotterdam and surroundings
and later this summer
in Sweden near lakes and woods.

My first ever piece of clothing, home knit, by me! It was realy fun to knit too, easy but not boring because I knew where I was going and wanted to get there fast. It was exciting to the last stitch because I really dreaded trying it on and finding out it was too small or too big or too whatever. But no, it fitted fine!
I started knitting in may, so it took me two months to finish. Not the fastest knit ever, but hey, I got things going on in my life, stuff that needed attention you know... Tempting will go into history as 'the-sweater-I-made-when-I-worked-extremely,- even-too,-hard-and-lost-my-job-anyway'. That's so great about music, knitting, smells and tattoos (and quite a bunch of other stuff too, come to think of it), it gets connected to certain periods in your life and everytime you see/ hear/ smell/ feel them, you get sucked back there for a brief moment. I like it when that happens, even when it's not necessarily a good period or thing you get reminded of.

The pattern was written up in different sizes but I had to take the largest one in the pattern and make it one size larger, just to be sure. Hey, I fell of the plenty tree, full of curves and squishy parts... Hell, I'm curvier than that road in San Francisco. Imagine the amount of yarn I used, I actually had to go back to the LYS to get more and the lady there had, the first time 'round, already gently told me to get one more skein than I planned on taking, which was a lot... I don't want to calculate the costs of all that yarn, I don't care, I'm proud. It fits, it even looks kinda good on me and hey, it's my firstborn, it's special no matter what.

Yesterday I knitted this head band, I found through Linster's blog on this Norwegian site where they have heaps and heaps of great free patterns (in English and Norwegian!).

Oh, I just wanted to show our new 'pimped' flowery balcony.
We've got a purple theme going on here.
That's all I have to say about that.
How in-te-res-ting...

Yesterday the Netherlands played Argentina which was interesting for a bunch of reasons. One of them being that our King-to-be Willem-Alexander Claus George Ferdinand van Oranje-Nassau is married to Má¡xima Zorreguieta who is Argentineann. It must have been a very interesting evening for those two. Wim-Lex: 'Orange is definitely better dear, what do you know about soccer anyway, you're a blond princess...' Maxima: 'I lived next door to Diego Maradonna, I know plenty and we are going to kick your orange asses you dutch cheesehead!'

What's also very interesting, is our little shrine on the TV, with tangerines in the right color to suck up to the Soccer God and wuppies just because they're cute and in the right colors. This girl at the supermarket where they give away the wuppies, told us they were on the news. Apparently people are going mad over them, and especially the large ones, they break into cars to get them and they are offering serious amounts of money on E-bay. One search on news site got me 12 hits on wuppie-news... Soccer-craze... I'm tellin' ya!
In action you see, If I'm not mistaken, Robin van Persie.


knittingajour said...

WOW, Congrats on your Tempting, what a work and it looks great on you. I saw WA yesterday talking with Jack, but wondering about Max; did she put on orange clothes??? Did you saw her?

Foxylady said...

AH! So cute! Great job Sas! That sweater is just stunning on you. Yay for fun clothing huh? ^_^

Drea Renee said...

that turned out fab-U-lous! good good good great job! and the headband...toooo cute

Anonymous said...

Miriam is proud of you!!!! Very beautiful, verry sassy!!!

Cari said...

Wow, nice Tempting! And the headband too! I looked up "meme" on wikipedia, but it's all this heavy academic stuff... so I tried and it said "in blogspeak, an idea that is spread from blog to blog." Huh, well I could've told you that!

Lies said...

is tempted to knit one too...

Rachael said...

That black number looks great. You rock!

astridpersons said...

I was thinking "tempting for me" as well. It looks great on you, so is the headband!

Emma said...

Congratulations on Tempting and finishing your first sweater. It looks great!