Tuesday, September 12, 2006

I'm here, I'm here!

I just didn't get round to posting... what with the new job and all. Which is by the way a combination of a much missed job as well as the -same old- same old- problems and challenges. Working 3 days a week is definately agreeing with me, I love to have more time to myself, the lack of money, well... I'll just have to get used to that part. So I've been away. Away to a tropical island. And it was... tropical!

There was lots of this:

Some of this:

(the bikini by the way, got destroyed in the washing machine at home... a sign maybe...?)

I went with these:

and saw this:

I visited this:

(Las Palmas)

I was there to visit and catch up with her:

I hardly did any of this:

But I did saw these!!:

(and two whales, which was rare and amazing, they were as close to the boat as this dolphin is, but I ran out of shots and didn't want to spoil the moment by deleting pictures from my camera. I decided to live the moment and experience it. I did; I got water, blown out by the whale, on my face, it was a-ma-zing!! My fellow boatsmen were going to send me their pictures but they never did...)

And then I returned,

happy, with a (well protected) tan. All caught up with the lastest stories and some adventures richer. My hands and feet mani-ed and pedi-ed and ready to squeeze and hug Boyfriend Dear back at home.


knittingajour said...

Welcome back in our beautifull town! You look very holiday-ish and like your sock!

Tijm said...

Ha Sas, fijn dat je het zo leuk gehad hebt!!! Kun je je nu in het najaar en de winter storten hier in Nederland (alhoewel met die hitte nu??)