Wednesday, August 30, 2006

El Titulo Espanol

Hi there! I was just checking my mail at the hotel and thought I´d drop in for a sec.

I can tell you this:
- there´s weird letters on this keyboard in weird places:Ñ ç
- I´m sweating like a madman on dope
- I´ve met lovely Spanish people that were very helpfull and nice
- I´ve met -not so nice- people and wished them bad luck (silently)
- I´ve seen more cactusses (cacti?) than ever before in my life
- I´m not too impressed with my tan yet...
- But I´ve been in my bikini three times already (and very proud of myself)
- Three toes on my right foot are burned so much that they have blisters, probably from the black volcano sand because I´ve been applying suntan like crazy (that´s probably why my tan isn´t too impressive... )
- I bought creme that will make my skin look black if I go into the sun with it. Then what´s the point I wonder...
- There are cockroaches here... they fly... AAARGHGHGH!
- There are NO mosquitos! YAY!
- Tomorrow I´m going on a jeep safari and out to see to find DOLPHINS!!
oh yeah...
- I´ve hardly knit at all, it´s just so hot and sweaty and they wouldn´t let me take my project with blunt wooden needles on the plane...
and finally
- My time with Elze is limited, but fun and it´s great to have long talks with my oldest friend (we´ve know each other since kindergarden!)

I´ve got a lot of pictures, there must be some blog proof.


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Tijm said...

Leuk zo even wat van je te lezen vanuit het verre Spanje