Thursday, August 24, 2006

I'm Leavin' On a Jetplane

Tomorrow, I'm off to Gran Canaria for the week. My friend E. lives and works there and who am I to say no to an all expenses paid trip to the sun? Exactly! So I'm off!! WHEEHOOO!

Hold your pants, bit of bizzarre news coming right up....

I Bought a bikini for the hell of it...
As you might know, I'm not the tiniest of girls but hey, if I'm going... I'm going, and I'll be getting back with a killer tan. (not litteraly, I'll be using gallons & litres of suntan of course!)
Beeing as bold and brave as that doesn't mean that there'll be pictures taken for you to see when I return. Oh no, don't want to get Greenpeace in action over some pink beached whale in Las Palmas. I might be on a self assured trip, but I'm not stupid! I might post some palm tree pictures or a really tan foot or elbow, who knows. It will be hot, thát I know!

So untill then, adios for the rest of the week and I'll leave you with this piece of fine crafts(wo)manship:

- It started out as the beginning of a felted needle bag, using my own dyed wool in a combination of fair isle patterns and made-up thingies.
- I felted it in the washing machine (the has never worked before...)
- And once it was done, I fumbled around with it for a good couple of months. It just wasn't going to be a nice needlecase, too short. What to do... what to do?
- This week it came to me... what if I folded it the other way around... Et presto: it's a Nordic Purse for hiking and herding! Or at least... that's what it looks like. I had some woodlook buttons laying around, made loops of felted i-cords and attatched a leather strap that I took of a very (too) hippy-like other purse.
- Kinda proud I must say... ;-)


Angela said...

Lots of cute knits you have! Have a great trip.

Drea Renee said...

i hope you have tons and tons and tons of fun!!!

Tijm said...

Heel veel plezier Saskia. Hopelijk heb je beter weer dan hier. Lekker bruin worden in je bikini en genieten van tapas.

Mooie tas trouwens!! Als viltster doe ik het met losse wol maar ik zie steeds meer hoe mooi het is als je met garen breit en dan gaat vervolten.

zoetegoed said...

Leuke blog.
Fijne vakantie

astridpersons said...