Thursday, August 24, 2006

Focus Honey, Focus!!

Wow, these are the smallest stitches I've ever knit... gosh, it's giving me headaches. I'm focussing on the finished results; they'll look great with my Birckenstock thongs! They are on te subscriber-only page of Interweave.

Ever since I came back from Sweden, I've been finding it hard to get back to the blogging routine. Not that I dislike doing it, au contraire, it's just, well... there's so much other stuff to do and I can't seem to focus on anything in particular.

I hope I will finish this lace scarf for once... Knit on the handpainted needles Drea Renee gave me!! They rock!!

My knitting is a clear example of the latter. I've started - counting - three (!) new projects while at least two and a half remain untouched. Ánd I have two other projects, that is, the materials and patterns, ready and waiting for me to start, but I just seem to get distracted by other patterns, new ideas and jealous yarn in the stash box calling my name: 'knit me first!, knit ME first!'.

So what I have to show you today is a whole bunch of new stuff that isn't really anything yet. Oh, wait, I can't show you everything, there's presents too, I'll show them as soon as they are presented.

I finished Sizzle and gave it to my friend Seema. I did a little alternation dance at the neck part. I f&*(^d up and decided to be creative about it. I really wanted to wrap it in nice thin paper, make a cool label with my logo on it, write date and 'to: / from:' on the back of the label and put it al in a chique box. But my curiousness and lack of focus got the better of me, so as soon as me and Seema got together to go on a bike ride, I frumbled (!) a cheap gift wrap around it, frumbled (!) it in my backpack (!) and decided to give it to her halfway on our ride.

All sweaty and dehydrated I jumped and squeaked: 'try it on, try it on!'. I even managed to make it worse; I wanted her to model it so I could take a picture with my phonecam. Gosh, she did her best, pulling it over her T-shirt, probably feeling as if she was in a Sauna and tried to look glamorous. If anyone can pull it of, she can, but I'm not sure if the pictures show the best side of Sizzle and it's not because of Seema, it's because ...


for now, I'll just show you the back, untill I got a better picture. I've done enough damage...
Gosh, I need to focus. This is no way of presenting a handknit item. She'll forever link it to sweat, thirst and frumpled giftwrapping paper. I wonder if she'll ever wear it...

Ok, I HAVE to add this picture now. The designer, Wendy from Knit & Tonic, the blog of blogs... wrote this (bottom of post) about this . And since I'm apparently not the only one that made the neckline-I-made-a-mistake-but-am-creative-about-it-dance... I just want to show you... in my defence...!

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