Monday, August 07, 2006

The Box of Wonders

The wookie sniffs my knitting
Today, while dog sitting Bert, my friend Mir's amazingly big hairy dog, the bell rang. It took me a while to open the door because Bert was blocking it... so when I finally did, I saw a part of the neighbor's leg disappearing in their house, I squeaked: 'No, wait... I'm here!' and she jumped back.

We chit chatted about our vacations for a while and just when I started wondering why she was actually there, she went back inside for a second and came back with a brown box. 'You've got a package, from New Zealand!' Her voice got a little higher when she spoke, I recognized the excitement, my heart was pitterpattering at the same time. Apparently she got the package a week and a half ago while we were on our holiday. And then they went on a holiday themselves. It just stood there, in their house, waiting, waiting for a week and a half...
Imagine, the surprises and wonders in that box, waiting for me to discover them. If I'd known, my time in Sweden would've been waaaaaay less relaxing.
I knitted a quick end to the conversation (Dutch saying: To knit an end to things... To finish something that you're doing) and hurried back inside with my treasure. I tried to open the package with my fingers, wouldn't work.... aaaaarghghg...than with a pen, wouldn't work... AAAAARHGHGHG.....then I had to face the fact that it would take more than a second to open (nervewrecking) and hurried to the kitchen to get a knife. That would do it! And it did...

And this is what I found:
the box of wonders

Luscious yarns!!! An orangemix that I really like, I think they mix really well with the purple wool. They would make great socks together. And a fantastic merino/ kid mohair mix in vibrant frilly pinks. Really soft and pure luxury! This should be a wrap or a scarf or a hat or mittens, something that touches your skin. Mmmm, soooooft!!

A little Maori doll. How cute is this feller? I named him George.

And there was more: A scribble book for my 'designs', folders of New Zealand and it's wonders, a book that shows the basics from sheep to wool and a tea towel that's too beautiful to use.

These will be my fav needles from now on, I'll cherish them, customized for me especially. Very special!

And last, but certainly not least: the first crocheted item by Drea Renee. My friend Drea Renee from New Zealand, who sent me all these lovely and special gifts in the box of wonders, she gave me her first crocheted item, hand painted needles for me and got me all kinds of fabu-items. And with every single item she wrote a personal note, she wrote notes in the book and the scribbler too, I love that!

I met Drea through blogging and we've become 'distant' friends and close friends at the same time. We live very different lives in very different parts of the world, but found each other trough a common interest that involves yarn and sticks. How crazy, bizarre and wonderfull right?!

It's my birthday, Christmas and 'Sinterklaas' (Dutch version of Santa Claus, celebrated on the 5th of december, a friendly and old bishop from Spain gives the children gifts by walking on the roof with his white horse and dark helpers 'Pieten' and shooting the gifts down the chimney) all in one day!

Drea, I hope we will one day knit together in the same room or garden and chat outloud about knitting and life. My gran visited Australia when she was pushing 70, I'm positive I'll manage to do it too one day, preferably a little before I reach that age. ;-)

Everyone: stand up and wave to the east, wave to Drea because...

She kicks friggin' *ss YO!

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astridpersons said...

wat een spanningsopbouw zeg: fantastisch om zo'n brei-mate te hebben.