Saturday, October 20, 2007

Project Catwalk

First of all, thank you so much for all the lovely wishes, blessings and comments! Iep is now two weeks old and he's cuter than ever. Of course it's hard work and there's absolutely no knitting getting done, but my heart's pouring over with aah's and ooh's and love and fluffiness's. I'm a very proud mother.

I thought it was time to show you some of the knitting I've done for Iep with him modeling it.
Cardi from Marie Claire Idee's 'knitting for babies' in my own creative color match.
Hat from 'One Skein', very fun and quick to knit!

Blanket by SAS Knits It Again (just knit as you finish up your leftovers)

I'll post some more later on, not all has been photographed. Also I got loads of home-made pressies that I want to show you. It's so great being friends with knitters!! (Thanks Storm op Zolder (Storm in the Attic), Haakpoes and Ajour!) Storm op Zolder even baptised one of her colorways 'Iep' and it's for sale! I'm so proud!
The proud mother in this photo is not me, but my friend Karen. She had the same due date as me but gave birth to daughter Puck a week before I became Iep's mummy. I knit her the bee suit and here Puck's modeling it for us. Sooooo cute!


Jolanda said...

Here is a very proud reader! Wat een genot om jouw prachtige creaties te mogen bewonderen.

Tijm said...

Lieve, trotse SAS,

Wat mooi,lief, ontroerend en grappig allemaal!!
Raakt me en ontroerd me.
Wat genieten hé, zo'n klein lief mensje,zo'n groot wonderbaarlijk wonder.
En wat heb je veel moois gemaakt en ook gekregen.
Fijn dat we zo met je mee kunnen genieten via je blog.

Hele dikke knuffel..

Anonymous said...

Wat een fantastisch bijenpak!!

Aileen said...

What cutie pies! Great to hear both mum and baby are doing well :)

astrid said...

ziet er goed uit!!!
Wat geeft die deken een vervreemdend beeld door die grote steken en dat kleine mannetje.

Emma said...

You have made wonderful outfits both for Iep and his little friend!

Hope you are fine. :)
I am STILL in awe of that wallpaper tree... can't stop thinking about it.

Jenneke said...

Wat een vreselijk mooie zoon heb je gekregen! Een geschenk uit de hemel, kan ik me zo voorstellen. Helemaal gezond en compleet. Gefeliciteerd! groetjes Jenneke