Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Bless me fellow knitters, for I have sinned.
It's been, well... forever since my last confession. This is my sin:

I hate it.
No wait, I love it.
No wait, I just want it to not exist.

I know of people that use facebook to it's full extend and benefit from it. While still finding time to live a life, do their craftacular stuff and blog about it, they post about all the previously mentioned on facebook thus connecting all the bits in their life like a multi functional spiderweb.

Not me.

Don't give me cake when I can't have it, I'm the type that goes face first and devour all what's in front of me missing out on the lobster and saffron soup on the left and right of me.
I just spent way (way) too much time on facebook, doing nothing that's worth mentioning. And while I'm devouring, there's no knitting, no cleaning, no cooking and certainly no blogging going on.

I have sinned.

I pledge to be a better blogger and hope you will forgive me.

One question.
Do you thing I should open a SAS Knits It Again page on facebook?
Just to be sure...


MoniqueB. said...

Ik zou het niet weten; ik zit nog maar net (per ongeluk) op facebook en ik heb géén idee wat er allemaal kan. Als ik dit zo lees; gelukkig maar.

kop op. effe de stroom er af, wachten op de zon en voor je het weet is er een computerloze dag voorbij met pret en heel misschien ook nog een schoon huis!

(doe voor de zekerheid toch maar een pagina'tje.. je weet maar nooit)

Ally Johnston said...

We've all been there. Computers curse us with so much delicious temptation.