Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Nothingness & Big Bold Coton

This might be the worst title so far...


This sunday I spent with Dianne B. and some of my S 'n B friends at a wool & more market (Markt van Wol Enzo). We drove from the center of the city to the middle of nowhere, got our knitting out, had our coffees, spent some money on one or more drugs of choise (yarn/ strawberries/ organic food), bathe in the sunlight and hopped on back to the city. It was a very friendly gathering and a perfect day in the sun.

Today I finished a 'Joan of Arc' in bulky coton. The client is allergic to wool and so I altered the pattern and knit it with a double strand of Phildar Coton 7 in color 'denim'. It looks fab and I'm very pleased.
Please note that I do not only sell the pattern for this big and bulky cowl, but also Ready-to-Wear in black, sand, hot pink, grey, off-white, reddish brown and bright red. I've also got enough material for two more coton/denim ones. I'll be selling them in my Etsy store next season (starting september 2010). Please mail me if you're interested.


Tijm said...

Het ziet er erg gezellig uit, jullie trip naar the middel of nowhere!! Prachtig dat fluitekruid!
En je patroon wat je nu van dik katoen gemaakt hebt is schitterend! De gerstenkorrel komt zo mooi uit.

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