Saturday, June 11, 2011


And so it came and went... WW KIP Day, the Rotterdam edition. As intended it started on a square in the North of Rotterdam. In a neighborhood that is old and genuinely Rotterdam-ish and on the other hand up-and-coming-urban-design-shop-ish. A great mix for new innocent souls that can be pulled into our favorite craft. Unfortunately, we weren't able to draw new blood from those non-believers. The cold soon led us to our plan B shelter, NICHE, a nice, bright flower/gift shop with a huge table, coffee, tea and a loo (let's be honest, you can't do without it). Suus, the owner was kind enough to let us sit there for the afternoon. And when the sun showed her face again, we were so comfortable there that we kept put.
It was a full house and all kinds of knitwear had been brought to the table. Most of the knitters are known members of the Rotterdam Stitch 'n Bitch group, but we've also had a few new gals attending, some tagged along with the S'nB members, others responded to my spamming on-line. So even though we didn't actually pulled people from the public into our group, we were able to teach others some new insights into knitting 2011.
I hardly ever get to go to our Stitch 'n Bitch group, so I was very pleased to get a lot of them there to catch up.
I declare WW KIP Day: a success!
If anyone in the neighborhood (the Netherlands) wants to go for another Knit Event this Monday, go check out the 'Markt van wol enzo' in Zeeland. More info here on Facebook en here on the weblog. Go check out Ballee's spindles from Peru and great vintage buttons.


yvonnep said...

Ziet er leuk uit. Het is mij niet gelukt. Volgend jaar gaat alles beter. Maar jullie hebben je succes binnen.

Tijm said...

Leuke dag zo te zien!! Jammer van het weer. Heel de dag spookte dat wel door mijn hoofd, omdat ik wist dat er op veel plekken geKIPt werd.
Nu maar lekker genieten van het zonnetje.

Marijke said...

Het was heel leuk. Bedankt voor het organiseren Saskia!