Tuesday, June 21, 2011


I've designed this (beginner)pattern a while ago and it has seen a few transformations. My latest variation is knit in a hot pink La Droguerie Lin, has a long strap and is lined with amazing Liberty fabric. I got both fabric and yarn at Julija's Shop in Antwerp. My favorite shop in the world!

Originally it came as a Knit Kit, but it's a great summer project and I've decided to put it up on Ravelry so it's more widely available.

I named the pattern Bamboo, because the slip stitch ('lazy gal's stitch' in Dutch) reminds me of bamboo in more than one way. Bamboo grows like crazy, this bag does too. It's a super fast knit! The structure of the stitches looks a lot like the bamboo stems, longer parts divided by a horizontal knot. It's also very breezy, like swaying bamboo in the wind. Oh I know... I'm letting myself go. It's just a cool knit and so easy to make!

This bag can be knitted with any yarn. If you’d like to get rid of some yarn that isn’t suitable for clothing, this is your project. If the yarn isn’t very strong you can line the bag with a nice fabric. Or choose linen, cotton, hemp or even acrylic for a strong openwork bag. Knit it, use it, love it!

The pink lined version is knitted with a single strap. Just knit one of the two straps to desired length and re-attach it to the other side. (the instructions for lining are not included in the pattern)

This pattern will be translated in English asap. Please mail me at sasknitsitagain@hotmail.com if you are interested!

Knit On!

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NightEssie said...

Een hele leuke tas, vooral in het roze... :)