Thursday, November 16, 2006

Stars 'n Flowers

My homegirl Sterre, daughter of my homegirl Roos celebrated her second birthday not too long ago. I asked Roos if she'd like me to knit her wee girl something. And she did. She'd like a black hat and scarf.

And so it was done. From this book I took a pretty 'hat with flower on top' pattern and designed a scarf to go with it myself. It took me a bit longer then expected, because of the small needles, but it was really fun to knit, especially the flowers; quick and cute! The whole project took me about a week and a half or maybe two weeks... can't remember exactly.

At first I was worried whether the hat would be to big for her, but it fitted her perfectly and because I decided to knit a size in between the sizes in the book, she'll be able to wear it again next year.

Oh m'gosh, how cute is this girl?! Two years old and smiling like a professional model!

Together with her gorgeous mommy showing her new winter outfit.

You'd think; 'what an adorable picture.' But what you don't know is that this little star just got out of bed and smelled like poo mixed with toothpaste. (lucky you!, poor me.... it does explains my weird facial expression!)

Pattern: Flower Toggle Hat from Designs For Kids By Lucinda Guy + self desingned scarf which is basically using the same stitch knitting an 8" wide scarf, starting with a border in one color, (the same length as the one in the hat) and ending with the second color. Graft it together and make more flowers from the book to pimp it up. The length of the scarf is about 1.15 m (45")

Materials: Lana Grossa, Merino 2000, superfein, 100% virgin merino wool. needle size 3-3,5 (mm) but I used 4,5 mm. 1 skein of 437 (hot pink), 1 skein of 433 (red) and 3 skeins of black (lost the number...)

Alterations to the pattern: Sizes in de book are for 2-3 yrs old / 3-4 yrs old and 4-5 yrs old. The hat is knitted in two pieces, I took made one piece in the smallest size and one in the medium size to come up with a size that's somewhere in the middle. The girl is two but fits it perfectly. (she doesn't have an unnatural big head by the way...)

Time 2 knit: About two weeks, knitting an hour or two a day, for the whole set.

End result: Both loved by myself, the recipient (she'd actually wear it indoors while squeaking and smiling) and the recipients parents. (the kind loving it a knitter loves, repeatedly crying out how cool it is and how lovely it looks and how fantastic you are for making it) Should I just come clean? ... This is why I knit, it's just a self esteem booster... hehehehe


miriam said...

Dat is zooo supercute!!!!! Superfoto's ook en gelukkig ruik ik niks ;-)

Rachael said...

Is that flower a fuschia? Pretty cute! Now here's a thought - a knitted bouquet for someone on their b'day?

Saartje said...

Wow, that hat and scarf turned out great! I love the pink details, just black would have been a little boring. I bought the second Lucinda Guy book at the SnB-day, it's adorable!

Anonymous said...

he! mijn kind stinkt niet...tsss, zelfs haar poep ruikt naar lavandel in de ochtend dauw...ofzoiets, maargoed, je hebt gelijk: de hele huiskamer rook ernaar he?! haha. Maargoed sas: ik moest je nog becomlimenteren...(das geen woord) van allerlij mensen. woorden als breimachine en een ware godin met bolletjes, waren niet van de lucht!!
sterre is er iig heel blij mee, en zegt steeds, sassie gekjegen!
liefs van roos

Irma said...

heel stoer setje!