Sunday, November 05, 2006

Raspberry Beret

Let me just start you off with this beauty. A double rainbow appeared over WaterFront (the pop venue/club that I do PR/publicity for) I was too late to capture them both, but I did get just the one. It was be-au-ti-full, and we're already in a great location. I just wanted to share this with you guys and now...

on to the knitting:

Remember when I got that great package from Andrea? Well, it came with some really soft and funky kid mohair/merino blend from Touch Exclusive. Great New Zealand made stuff. Well, I conjured up some plans to make the most out of it. And I think I succeeded. Two skeins of a 100 grams made me a complete fall/winter set. The beret is the 'last minute purled beret' by Wendy from Knit & Tonic, the shawl pattern I also took from Wendy's blog. And the pattern for the mittens is this one from Garnstudio. I finished the shawl the last just so that I could make the best usage of the yarn since the pattern is done when you're done with your yarn... I added two pink buttons, but it can also be tied as a scarf and a pink crocheted poodle I got from my friend Roos.

Thank you Drea!! I'm wearing it all the time, I love it! :-)


Last Friday we had our first Knit-together (Brei-eenkomst) of the season. We have a summer stop since most of our knitters are beginners and still associate knitting with winter... but we'll soon kick that irrational thought right out of them, I promise! Zita hosted the knitting party and invited two new knitters; Nancy and Cindy. It took them about two seconds to get the hang of it and they each finished about 1/8 of a scarf by the end of the evening. Faultless!!

It was all good! (and not only for the human knitters...)

This is my current project. A hat for Roos' daughter Sterre's birthday.

It's from this book:

The original title is: 'Designs for Kids' by Lucinda Guy and was first published by Rowan Yarns in 2005, it's a great book full of fun kid's patterns for sweaters, hats, scarfs, blankets and stuffed animals. I'm making the Flower Hat as requested in black. But I'm using some pink and red as well to spicy it up a little. After I finish the hat I'm designing a scarf to go with it since there's no matching scarf design in the book. But hey, I'll manage. I have some Ideas, how hard can it be?! (or am I tempting faith here by saying this...?)

Meanwhile I've finished an i-pod nano bag and as soon as it's received by it's new owner, I'll take and post some pictures and maybe even the pattern. I can tell you, it's really, really, no wait... REALLY small! And I've come up with some rather nifty designing solutions. But all that later! Bye!


Andrea said...

Hey girl, I am so happy you liked the yarn! and it looks fabulous as that winter set. You look so pretty in pink!! I have been doing some power knitting so get ready for an update later today!

by the way, i am so so so jealous of your knitting get to together. I am trying to force my sisters to knit, but it is so slow going. hehe heh

sandra said...

That is perfect knitted trio! Coloure is great and you look so happy wearing it!
BTW, I am laways wnvy when people gather around and knit together!

froukje said...

Ik probeer het maar weer eens: heb al heel vaak geprobeerd een commentaar op je log te krijgen, maar het lukt maar niet. Je log is beveiligd geloof ik...Komt ie nog een keer(nu weer een andere sluipweg): Ladyfest HEEL erg leuk, dat vind ik nou echt iets wat ik gemist heb! Foto's van de huiskamerbijeenkomt zien er erg gezellig uit en de Raspberry Beret ligt sinds jaren weer op mijn draaitafeltje!