Friday, November 10, 2006

Tag Rotterdam

Remember the Ladyfest? Well, I promised you I'd show you some pictures of the finished knitted tags from the workshop I gave. Well, the camera results were a wee bit disappointing, but still, here are some of the tags in full glory, framed by the beautiful city of Rotterdam. (most of them are taken at night... so it might just as well be Paris... Barcelona or Capelle a/d IJssel...)

knitted by a Romanian knitter who's organising Ladyfest Romania

you'll remember this one, I added it for picture volume...

anonymous knitter in action in broad daylight (bold!!) while actions questioned by wee Chinese passers-by.

Tagging right in front of my favorite hang out, I'm fearless!

Some funky knitwear by another 'anonymous' knitter. I was told that the Erasmus Bridge (aka 'the Swan') is prominently in the background... somewhere...
Anyone who feels like tagging in Rotterdam with me, let me know. I'll provide you with the logo so you can print it on adress labels, attach it to your tag and go Heat Up The City in the name of 'Tag Rotterdam'!! Let's give the people of Rotterdam something to smile and wonder about and brighten the place up a little!! (I know the logo's not great, I just quickly whipped it up before the workshop, but hey, it communicates, right?!) If you want to join, HOLLAR!

On other knitting matters:

I knitted Daniel a simple skull wristband for his birthday but forgot to post the pictures. Daniel is a very talented and extremely nice photographer. He printed one of his pictures for my birthday. I love home-made gifts! In the picture you see my friend Steven (on the left) with Reinier together with two other fellas they form the band Cellophane. They absolutely rock, you should really check out their 'My Space'.

maybe not so flattering a picture but it's totally due to my poor camera phone, let that be clear to y'all!

At the moment I'm working on a i-pod nano cover and a scarf for Daniel (I guess he's become a fan...) and a scarf for his girlfriend (and talented multi-artist) Kim. There's hardly any time for 'my own' projects, but I'm enjoying myself to no extend. I'm really, really flattered that people are now ordering 'SAS Knits It Again' knitwear.

I've almost finished the hat and scarf for Sterre, pictures coming up shortly!

Now I'm off downstairs, where there's more knitting to be done. I just luuuuuurv the weekend!


Andrea said...

fun fun fun

Tijm said...

So cool!!!!!!!!!!!!
I've seen more of those things around trees on the internet. I also want to make some with my girlfriend to colour the grey days in the city.

bujor tavaloiu said...

awesome. :) mine's kinda boring, i should've done stripes or something.

btw, i really need an idea for a project... i'm considering making another hoodie, maybe the more fitted one from the first s'n'b book, except with different colors. i was wondering if you might have any suggestions for a super-useful but not too big project? :)

astridpersons said...

great project: let's make it national.