Sunday, April 30, 2006

The world is as a bal of yarn, getting smaller at my feet...

How about that poetic header, huh?

So, I decided it's time to get international. I figured, there's more blogs in English that I read than dutch ones and who am I kidding, most of my friends are already getting tired of my 'knittings-ramblings-ons'. Let's face it, the ones that are really -no, réally- interested in my stash and my weird knitting habits are you guys, knitters and knitstresses around the world.


I'm letting the Dutch go and I'll keep it English from now on.

What's been going on?
Basically a lot, bút... boyfriend-dear took the camera (with pictures of my latest FO's on it, that I didn't load onto my laptop...) and took it to... Italy! Can you believe it, he left me without a camera for a whole week and had the great timing to do that while I was about to do great things, knitwise. I was going to sell my stuff at our Queens Birthday (which is a big holiday in the Netherlands where we -amongst other weird habits- sell our stuff on the streets of the city centers, don't ask...). It was my first attemt to sell some of my stuff and het took the fr*E#ing camera. AAAARGHGHGH!
Luckily my friend Roos was there with hers and I took some cool pictures anyway. No need to explain that this blogism of mine isn't her idea of spending a good time so she hardly understands the time-pressure it involves and I'm sad to say that she didn't sent me the pictures yet (it's only one day later, Saskia, come off it...jeeezz).
They're coming! Hang in there! Some great Dutch cultural habits on the way...

Also coming:
- pictures of my first felting project (wait till you see this...)
- pictures of my intern Jorrit's goodbye party were I gave him a knitted i-pod bag (these I have to get developed -middle age style- so that might take a while)

Oh wait...

a second!

I do have some new pictures in my digi-folder... of Stella, the sweet and darling daughter of my friends Henri & Zita, who's wearing the hat I made her when she was born. Mommy Zita send them to me this week. It's still way, way too big, but hey, it was a while ago, I wasn't the accomplished knitter that I am now... (I didn't say that!)

How cute is this wee girl?

So, there's more news (are you still there?)

Since I wasn't in the position to post any pictures (Ones above excluded) I spent my time wisely. I actually got into pimping my blog bigtime. I have surfed the net and surfed it, and surfed it some more untill the waves got too big and my eyes too small, I went to bed, got up, did the things I have to do in my life and got back to surfing. I gathered so much information and was actually able to post a link so that I'm now mailable. (so: mail me!) I found the way to post buttons and actually started making one for myself (in progress). Crazy ass shit has been going on on this laptop, it got all hot and steamy I tell you!

Weird thing I noticed when surfing around other peoples blogs (OPB's)...
I think, and I'm not afraid to put a number on it, about 85% of knitting bloggers own a cat! And not only do they own it, they regulary post cat pictures and stories too. Favorite are pictures of cats next to, playing with and sitting on UFO's (unfinished objects). How weard is that... 85% (or something). Now see, I'm not a cat hater, on the contrary, I luuuurv cats, used to own a bunch of them, will probably get more of them in the future, but I don't know... will I then post cat items? It's so weird, I can't get over it. I'm declaring it a phenomenon: knittingblogs with cats. They should start a ring!

Right... enough about that.
I should get some knitting done, it's so hard, I have two new addictions now... knitting and getting online to learn, read, see about knitting and the latter is taking up more time than the knitting itself lately...
so, gotta go
gotta knit
gotta get something to post about

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