Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Mothers Day

I just wanted to share some pictures of mothersday with you. There's boyfriend-dears mum en his sister CC. Oh yeah, and me.

CC's moddeling the Dream Swatch Wrap that I finally finished, boyfriend-dear's mum is starting on the wedding scarf that's in
Handwerken Zonder Grenzen. She hasn't been knitting for a while, she makes lace (!!) and does embroiderie mostly, but I think I can say that the virus caught on again when we were at the yarn shop in Oudewater the other day.

And yeah, that's me, holding up what is the start of

This is my first sweater ever... and oh my gosh, it's taking a while, I'm only two skeins along the way... I need to do at least 6 more, it'll be Christmas before I wear it... (oh well, I'll add red and green ribbons)

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