Saturday, May 27, 2006

Through the generations

What you see here is a long story in short.

There's four knitting women in my direct family, (my own Omi not included since she stopped knitting years ago) in order of experience:
- BDG (Boyfriend Dear's Gran)
- BDM (Boyfriend Dear's Mum)
- me

- CC (Boyfriend Dear's Sister)

CC really can knit, has great ideas and loves to do it, but she and BDM have a very fragile knitting relationship. I remember one of our last Knittogethers were CC told us girls she knéw BDM was going to make a negative comment as soon as she would show her WIP (work in progress).
And yes, she was right, BDM díd comment, I was there. The first thing she said was, 'it's too tight!' I will not get into detail but lets just say that their fragile knitting relationship at that point was looking like silk from the 1700's in a museum (falling apart...).

So now the funny bit...

As BDM started this project, she used red mohair and it wouldn't work as she'd like. She started over two times, using different cast-on techniques but it was just not an easy pattern-yarn combination.
When BDG visited, she -apparently- got a strict look on her face and ripped the needles out of the work, saying 'What's this?? This is no good, I'll start over.' The same fragile knitting relationship had not skipped a generation. BDM stood by, a fullgrown woman, with a fullgrown daughter, as her mum destroyed her work and started it over.

So now the extra funny bit...

BDG didn't manage either and so they both decided the yarn was to blame. They went to a yarnshop together and bought a mixture of mohair and silk this time. It worked!
What happy ending!

CC hasn't heard the last part of this story yet, so I decided to write it down for her. This one's for you, CC!
Just so you know, it's nót you, it's the mother-daughter-knitting-teaching-thing and you really should be happy to be part of that chain. I'm not in it, sure, I don't get critisism like you, but that critisism is part of something bigger & better! It really is. :-)

I leave you with these pictures of BDM with her stack of Handwerken Zonder Grenzen and the start of what is going to be the most beautiful shawl ever! (oh, and that straight forward bulky black thing, that's Tempting... I'm getting there, slowly but steady)


uhoava gnu said...

Hello neighbour!
Thanks for your visit.

The story is great: it is SO real!

I like your blog button a lot, too!

Drea Renee said...

I think this is my favorite post of yours ever! the pictures, the story...everything. Job well done my friend !!